Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar-263145 (Uttarakhand)

गोविंद बल्लभ पंत कृषि एवं प्रौद्योगिक विश्वविद्यालय, पंतनगर - २६३१४५ ( उत्तराखण्ड )

College of Home Science

(ISO 9001:2000 Certified)

Dr Rita S. Raghuvanshi

A Brief Profile of the Dean

Dean, College of Home Science

Phone:+91-5944-233637 (Office)

Fax:+ 91-5944-233637




        The initiation of Home Science Programme at Pantnagar was recommended by Mrs. Alice M. Fisher (USAID) and Dr. Elda Robb (University of Tennessee, USA) in 1961. There after, U. P. Govt. gave green signal in December 1963. Dr. Janice Smith UIUC, USA recommended two year Diploma and four year undergraduate degree programme in Home Science in February 1966. The College of Home Science was thus, established on 15 July, 1971 with a undergraduate programme. From 1971 to 1985, a single programme of two year diploma and four year degree continued. In 1985 it was discontinued and diploma and three year degree was started for which requirement was inter science. Then in 1998, a 4 year degree programme was started which was open to both intermediate science and intermediate arts with Home Science as one of the subject. It included vocational courses involving Rural Awareness Work Experience and in-plant training.

In 2004, four year undergraduate degree programme was revised to include 2+2 system that included two years of professional training in different disciplines of Home Science viz., Apparel Designing, Interior Designing and Decoration, Nutrition and Dietetics and Organization and Management of Early Childhood Programmes which also included Rural Awareness Work Experience and In-plant Training.


 Vision of the College


To motivate primary stakeholders for sustainable development of human resources with a strong emphasis on excellence in academics, research and extension to realize direct benefits of growing domestic and global employment market and to ensure adequate availability of competent professionals and paraprofessionals to occupy relevant niche in the economy by enabling an interactive coupling between industry, government, economy, environment and society.


 Mission of the College


To fulfil the vision through development of need based curriculum that would enable the graduates and paraprofessionals of Home Science to become active partners in the economic growth and development of the community - be it the family, local society, nation or world.




1.  To impart knowledge and skills to graduates of Home Science to realize direct benefits of the employment market.

2.  To plan and execute need-based, multi-disciplinary and action oriented research projects for improving quality of life of the people, especially of Uttarakhand.

3.  To promote economic and technological empowerment of women and youth in home, farm and allied activities.

4.  To inculcate entrepreneurial skills and organize training/courses for the community to facilitate entrepreneurship.

5.  To develop interactive linkages with industries, government as well as non-government organizations.


Uniqueness of our Education Programme


          The education system of the College includes-


     Advisory System

     Multi disciplinary approach (Courses of Basic Sciences, Agriculture and Veterinary Science along with Home Science courses)

     Practical training in life supporting skills Rural Awareness Work Experience and In-plant training

     Earn While You Learn scheme for the benefit of poor students

     Internal- external examination system

     Well established infrastructure facilities

     Scholarships to meritorious students


     Thus, our education system-

     Facilitates self actualization by channelizing and maximizing students potential

     Builds change agents for equity, social justice and dignity

     Explores under and unutilized resources for sustainable development        

     Linkage with government, NGOs, industries

     Builds capacity for Self Employment, Entrepreneurship, Community development (NGO, Government Interventions and Employment in Private Public Sector)

     Enhances women empowerment

     Develop competencies among students to serve as professionals for taking up Corporate Social Responsibility activities with corporate world.

     Provides unique centre rural in-depth rural exposure with combination of urban base for students skill development through its successful field outreach programme


Faculty Members


Name of Faculty Member Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Number Email

Dr. Rita Singh Raghuvanshi

Dean, Home Science




Dr. Abha Ahuja Professor  & Head Ph.D.     ahuja_abha[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

Dr. Kalpana Kulshrestha

Professor  & Head Ph.D.     kalpana238[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. Shahnaz Jahan Professor  & Head Ph.D.     jahan[dot]shahnaz[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. Deepa Vinay Professor  & Head Ph.D.     deepasharma1416[at]rediffmail[dot]com

Dr. Promila Sharma

Professor Ph.D.     promila34[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Sarita Srivastava

Professor Ph.D., Post Doc.(GERMANY)  Foods and Nutrition 9411320378 sarita[dot]srivastava[at]rediffmail[dot]com; sarita[dot]srivastava08[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. Yama Khokhar


Dr. Alka Goel Professor/ National Fellow Ph.D.     alkagoelp[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Pratima Awasthi

Professor Ph.D. Foods  and Nutrition   pratimawasthi[at]gmail[dot]com; pratimawasthi[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Dr. Manisha Gahlot Professor Ph.D. Clothing and Textiles 05944-234010(O) manishagahlot25[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Dr. Pratibha Singh Senior Research Officer  & Incharge, H. Sc. Ext. Ph.D.    


Dr. Seema Kwatra

Senior Research Officer Ph.D.    


Dr. Aditi Vats Associate Professor Ph.D.     aditivats44[at]gmail[dot]com
Mrs. Pushpa Shukla  Junior Research Officer Ph.D.     pushpa_shukla07[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Mr. T.A. Khastgir Assistant Professor Ph.D.     akushwaha[at]rediffmail[dot]com;

Dr. Archana Kushwaha

Associate Professor

Ph.D.     archkush08[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. Chhaya Shukla Assistant Professor Ph.D.    


Dr. Anita Rani Assistant Professor Ph.D. Clothing and Textiles 9897071925 anu73cc[at]gmail[dot]com
Mrs. Sakshi Assistant Professor Ph.D.     sakshi1sharma[at]yahoo[dot]com
Ms. Prarthana Pant

Assistant Professor

Ph.D.     prarthanapant[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Dr. Anupama Pandey

Assistant Professor

Ph.D.     misanupama[at]gmail[dot]com

Ms. Sonu Rani

Assistant Professor

Ph.D.     sonutextile[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Dr. Ritu Singh Assistant Professor Ph.D.     ritusingh11[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Ms Neetu Dobhal

Assistant Professor

Ph.D.     nishudhnew[at]gmail[dot]com
Mrs. Poonam Singh Assistant Librarian Ph.D.      


Degree Programmes




Computer Facilities

The College has computer facilities in the students computer laboratory, ARIS Cell, College Library and all the Departments. Facilities also exist for Computer Aided Designing.


Day-care for Children with Facility of Child Testing, Guidance and Counselling

Day-care facility is available for children of women employees of the University. This has scientific observation facilities for parents and for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is attached to a testing laboratory for children and guidance and counselling cell.


College Library

College of Home Science has a library where around 8000 textbooks, 55 periodicals related to Home Science discipline, newspapers and magazines are available to the students. The library is equipped with a computer and photocopier. The library has a reading room to help inculcate the habit of reading among students. The library runs a rental book programme under which important text books are rented to students for the whole semester at a nominal rent.


Information Center

The Information Center of the College aims to portray a comprehensive picture of all the multifarious activities and achievements of the College. It has exhaustive exhibits and models.


Placement Cell

The College has a Placement Cell which assists the students in getting suitable jobs. It acts as a liaison between students and employers.


      For the personality development of the students which includes development of physical and mental self, team spirit and human values, there are bodies like-

         Home Science Society

         Cultural Societies in hostels

         Sports Clubs

         Vivekanand Swadhayay Mandal


Home Science Society

Home Science Society aims at promoting professional competence among students and their over-all personality development. It organizes various activities such as debate competitions, cultural programmes, scientific and technical exhibitions/competitions, art and craft competitions, elocution contests, group discussions for personality development of the students. Academic staff of the College and students are members of the Society. The Society runs through an Executive Committee which is formed every year. The Executive Committee consists of elected/nominated students from the College of Home Science, a staff counsellor and a co-staff counsellor who are faculty members of the College.





Guidance and Counselling


Development of audio visual aids 


Event Management: Organization of Fashion Shows, Handicraft Exhibitions, Theme Exhibitions

Cultural and literary activities for extra-curricular activities for all round personality development

National Service Scheme

National Cadet Corps


Contact Information

Dr. Rita Singh Raghuvanshi


College of Home Science,

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar- 263 145

Uttaranchal, India

Phone: +91-5944-233637 (O), 233448(R)

Fax: +91-5944-233473 & 233637

e-mail: deanhsc1[at]gmail[dot]com



The College functions through following Departments:


Academic Programmes

Undergraduate Programme

Home Science Core Courses


Textile Science and Care


Fundamentals of Textile Designing and Finishes


Fundamentals of Clothing Construction


Garment Construction and Planning



Introduction to Extension Education


Communication and Instructional Technologies


Diffusion and Adoption of Homestead Technologies


Programme Development for Rural Families



Principles of Human Nutrition


Food Science, Processing and Storage


Nutrition Education


Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition



System Dynamics and Management of Resources


Art Principles and Interior Decoration


Financial Management and Consumer Education


Housing and Space Management


Work Improvement and Appropriate Technologies



Fundamentals of Human Development


Population Dynamics


Life-span Development


Marriage and Family Dynamics


Basic Supporting Courses


Rural Sociology


General English


Elements of Statistics


Computer Application


Elementary Biochemistry


Introduction to Window Based Application


Introduction to Environmental Sciences


National Service Scheme


Work Programme


Professional Elective: Apparel Designing


Indian Textiles and Costumes


Retailing and Merchandising- Textiles and Apparel


Computer Aided Designing-I


Garment Manufacturing- Flat Pattern


Fashion Illustrations


Apparel Manufacturing Technology


Computer Aided Designing-II


Garment Manufacturing-Draping


Dyeing and Printing


Apparel Industrial Management


Design Studio Practices and Project Work


Off-Loom Weaving




Supporting Courses


Educational Videography


Professional Practices


Professional Elective: Nutrition and Dietetics


Human Nutrition


Public Health Nutrition


Community Nutrition


Introduction to Clinical Nutrition


Diet Therapy and Nutrition Counseling 


Food Chemistry


Food Hygiene and Sanitation


Food Analysis


Food Preservation


Food Standards and Quality Control


Food Service Management


Experiential Learning in Dietetics and Food Service Management



Supporting Courses


Elementary Human Physiology


Introductory Microbiology


Professional Elective: Interior Designing and Decoration


Traditional and Contemporary Interior


Applied Crafts


Furniture and Furniture Arrangement


Interior Views and Designs


Functional Interiors and Space Management for the People with Special Needs


Management of Floor and Floor Coverings


Computer Aided Interior Designing


Interior Design Project Management


Scale and Perspective Drawing


Walls and Window Treatments


Fittings and Fixtures


Ornamental Plants and Special Effects


Professional Practices



Supporting Courses


Ornamental Horticulture


Off-Loom Weaving


Professional Elective: Organization & Management of Early Childhood Programme


Curriculum for Young Children


Family and Child Welfare


Methods and Materials for Teaching Young Children-I


Methods and Materials for Teaching Young Children-II


Child Psychology


Parent and Community Education


Early Childhood Education and Management


Developmental Assessment of Young Children


Education Psychology


Children with Special Needs


Guiding Young Childs Growth, Behavior and Development


Field Work-I


Field Work-II



Supporting Courses


Educational Videography


Professional Practices


Professional Elective: Mass Communication and Journalism

Introduction to Journalism

Introduction to Mass Communication

Radio and Television Journalism

Photo Journalism and Advertisement 

Public Relation and Social Marketing 

Public Speaking

Computer Application for Journalism and Mass Communication 

Training methods in Extension 

Educational Videography

Developmental Programmes for Social Change

Interpersonal Communication in Developing Societies

Curriculum Design for Distance Education

Distance Education Project Management


Basic Supporting Courses

Family and Child Welfare

Parent and Community Education


Common Compulsory Course for all Professional Electives


Nutrition Gardening

Entrepreneurial Dairy and Poultry




Rural Awareness and Work Experience


In-plant Training


Total 166 Credits


Masters Programmes

M.Sc. Clothing and Textiles


Core Courses

Fibre Science                                                    

Advanced Pattern Making                                 

Advanced Textile Designing                              

Textile Quality Analysis                                    

Masters Seminar                                                                        

Basic Supporting Courses

Statistical Methods                                            

Research Methods in Human Ecology                 

Spectroscopic and Chromatographic Techniques  

Optional Courses              

Textile Industry and Trade                                           

Historic Textiles and Costumes                         

Textile Finishes                                              

Home Textiles                                               

Advanced Dyeing and Printing

Special Problem            

Masters Thesis Research                       

Remedial Courses

Package of Remedial Courses to be offered to the PG students who did graduation with three (III) year degree programme is as follows:

Retailing and Merchandising- Textiles and Apparel

Computer Aided Designing I

Garment Manufacturing-Flat pattern

Fashion illustrations

Apparel Manufacturing Technology

Computer Aided Designing -II

Garment Manufacturing- Draping

Apparel Industrial Management

Fibre Science

 Advanced Textile Designing

Textile Quality Analysis

 Compulsory Courses for Minor for other Disciplines

Fibre Science

Textile Quality Analysis


M.Sc. Family Resource Management


Core Courses 

Approaches to Resource management

Consumer Ergonomics

Advanced Housing

Retail management

Consumption Economics

Masters Seminar

Basic Supporting Courses

            Research Methods in Human Ecology

            Statistical Methods

Optional Courses

Consumer Communication media

Energy Conservation in Building Design

Human Resource management

Special Problem

Masters Thesis Research

Remedial Courses

Package of Remedial Courses to be offered to the PG students who did graduation with three (III) year degree programme is as follows:

Traditional and Contemporary Interior

Applied Craft

Furniture and furniture Arrangemetn

Interior Views and Design

Functional Interiors and space Management for the People with Special Needs.

Management of Floor and Floor Coverings

Computer Aided Interior Design

Interior Design Project management

Scale and Perspective Drawing

Wall and Window Treatment

Fitting and Fixtures

Ornamental Plants with Special Effects.

Professional Practices


Retail Management

Consumption Economics

Compulsory Courses for Minor for other Disciplines

Approaches to Resource Management

Consumer Ergonomics


M.Sc. Foods and Nutrition


Core Courses                                     

Advanced Nutrition                                

Advances in Community Nutrition            

Analysis and Quality Assessment of Foods

Masters Seminar                                            

Substitute Foods & Evaluation                          

Basic Supporting Courses

Research Methods in Human Ecology       

Statistical Methods                                

General Biochemistry                             

Optional Courses

Nutrition during Life Cycle                       

Advanced Food Science                         

Advanced Diet Therapy                          

Practical Nutritional Care in Disease          

Food Service Management                     

Nutrition Research Techniques                 

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods         

Special Problem       

Masters Thesis Research                                     

Remedial Courses

For students of B.Sc. (H.Sc.) of three year degree programme and B.Sc. (Food Technology) of three years degree programme.

Human Nutrition                         

Introduction to Clinical Nutrition     

Food Hygiene & Sanitation            

Food Preservation                       

Food Standards & Quality Control  

Food Chemistry                          

Public Health Nutrition                  

Food Analysis                             

For students of B.Sc. (H.Sc.) of four years degree programme who have studied vocational other than Foods & Nutrition.

Diet Therapy and Nutrition Counselling      

Food Analysis                                      

Compulsory Courses for Minor Package for other Departments

Advanced Nutrition                      

Advances in Community Nutrition


M.Sc. Human Development and Family Studies


Core Courses

Theories of Human Development and Behavior

Advances in Life Span Development

Management of Innovative Programme in Early Childhood

Care & Education

Interventions for Children with Developmental Challenges

Cross Cultural Perspective in Family Studies

Masters Seminar

Basic Supporting Courses

Statistical Methods

Research Methods in Human Ecology

Management Functions and Organizational Behavior

Optional Courses

Guidance & Counseling

Adolescent Development and Challenges

Planning and Managing Parenting Education

Appraisal of Child and Family Welfare Institutions

Development of Print Materials and Childrens Literature

Family Support Services & Therapy

Special Problem

Environmental Factors and Cognition

Programme Development for Vulnerable Families

Principles and Strategies in Developmental Interventions

Masters Thesis Research                                     

Remedial Courses

The Students entered with 3 year degree programme shall study 24 credits out of courses available under remedial courses.

Curriculum for Young Children

Family & Child Welfare

Methods & Materials for Teaching Young Children I

Methods & Materials for Teaching Young Children II

Child Psychology

Early Childhood Education & Management

Developmental Assessment of Young Children

Children with Special Needs

Guiding Young Childs Growth, Behaviour and Development

For students of B.Sc. (H.Sc.) of four years degree programme who have studied Vocational other than Human Development & Family Studies

Developmental Assessment of Young Children

Children with Special Needs

Compulsory Courses for Minor Package for other Departments

Advances in Life Span Development

Appraisal of Child and Family Welfare Institutions  


PG Course Department of Home Science Extension Education


Research Methods in Human Ecology         

Ph.D. Programmes


Ph.D. Clothing and Textiles


Core Courses                                                                                  

Functional Clothing                                  

Technical Textiles                                 

Textile Ecology                                                        

Doctoral Seminar I                                

Doctoral Seminar II                                        

Basic Supporting Courses

Experimental Statistics                           

Optional Courses

Textile Auxiliaries                                            

Recent Advances in Textile and Apparel Designing

Special Problem                                   

Courses for minor package from related departments

Doctoral Thesis Research           

Compulsory Courses for Minor Package for other Departments

Fibre Science

Textile Quality Analysis

Ph.D. Family Resource Management

Core Courses


Development Issues and Gender

Occupational Ergonomics

Globalization and Consumer Economics

Resource Management Conceptualization & Testing

Doctoral Seminar-I

Doctoral Seminar-II

Basic Supporting Courses

Advanced Design and Techniques in Social Science Research

Optional Courses

Environmental Issues and Challenges

Measurement Techniques in Social Sciences

Managerial Dimensions for Special Groups

Consumer Product Design

Special Problem

Courses for minor package from related departments

Doctoral Thesis Research

Compulsory Courses for Minor for other Disciplines

Occupational Ergonomics

Globalization and Consumer Economics


Ph.D. Human Nutrition


Core Courses                                                                             

Advanced Metabolic Aspects of Nutrition            

Advances in Vitamins and Hormones        

Nutritional Epidemiology                                  

Nutrition & Policy Planning                                

Doctoral Seminar I                                                   

Doctoral Seminar II                                                  

Basic Supporting Courses

Experimental Statistics                                              

Optional Courses

Advances in Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids   

Nutrition during Life Cycle                                

Advanced Diet Therapy                                   

Practical Nutritional Care in Disease                    

Nutrition Research Techniques                          

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods         

Special Problem                

Courses for minor package from related departments

Doctoral Thesis Research                                               

Remedial Courses

For students from other than Foods and Nutrition stream or for those who have not studied the following courses in their M.Sc. Programme.

Statistical Methods                                                   

Analysis and Quality Assessment of Foods                   

Compulsory Courses for Minor Package for other Departments

Advanced Nutrition                                         

Advances in Community Nutrition


Department of Clothing and Textiles


The Department disseminates knowledge of textile fibres, yarns and fabrics through various courses related to Clothing and Textiles. The students are well versed with the latest developments in apparel manufacturing, fashion designing and textile designing. They acquire relevant skills in these areas and also in designing of handicrafts and hand dyed and printed items. C.A.D for pattern making, marking, layout and textile designing are taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. The students are exposed to various levels of marketing so that they can visualize themselves as entrepreneurs.


Passed out post graduate students       


       Ph.D. :08



       Weaving Laboratory

       Clothing Construction Laboratory

       Dyeing and Printing Laboratory

       Textile Testing Laboratory

       Computer Laboratory

       Laundry Laboratory

       Blending and Spinning Laboratory



Research Areas

       Natural dyes

       Unconventional fibres

       Income generation through textile handicrafts

       Fibre blending

       Standardization of basic bodice block

       Textile dyeing and printing

       Textile processing

       Textile structure


Extension Activities

             Demonstration of technique and training is organized from time to time on the following topics for the rural and urban clientele:

       Extraction and application of natural dyes

       Dyeing and printing

       Unconventional fibre processing

       Textile handicrafts

       Apparel designing


Research Projects Undertaken

   Standardization of body measurements of children ages 3 to 7 years, to develop basic bodice block and create designed garments

  Study on carpet units of selected areas of Uttar Pradesh and development of designs

    Study of non-textile fibrous materials and their utilization

    Evaluation of cleansing properties of synthetic detergents

    Process development for extraction and standardization of natural dyes and their applications

    Blending and processing of wool with specialty hair fibres to empower rural women

    Value addition of agro and animal based fibres

   Evolution of textile articles through processing of wool with silk waste and cotton to create entrepreneurial skills in rural women


Ongoing research projects/ funding agency/ details of work

  All India Coordinated Research Project on Value addition of agro and animal based fibres

 National Fellow project on Evolution of textile articles through processing of wool with silk waste and cotton to create entrepreneurial skills in rural women


Departmental Publications

       Research Papers published in National Journals         : 239

       Research Papers published in International Journals : 28

       Books                                                                            : 6

       Manuals                                                                        : 2

       Abstract                                                                       : 22



       Techniques of dyeing and printing of textiles.

       Value addition of garments and garment construction.

       Techniques of extraction and blending of fibres.

       Extraction natural dyes from plant materials


Contact for Information

Dr. Shahnaz Jahan

Head of the Department of Clothing and Textiles

College of Home Science,

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology,

Pantnagar- 263 145, Uttarakhand, India

Phone:+91-5944-234010(O),233703(R), 09997336717(M)

e-mail: jahan.shahnaz[at]gmail[dot]com


Department of Human Development and Family Studies


The Department offers courses in the area of human development in the life-span and in family studies. The courses cover stages of life-span of human beings; child and family welfare; studies covering differently abled and special need individuals, their identification, prevention of certain disabilities and treatment and rehabilitation; early childhood care and family.


Research Areas

    Study of effectiveness of comprehensive childcare through pretest-post test experimental and control group design research

    Organizing 'Farm Crche' as a rural model of care of infants and pre-schoolers

    Development of mothers education package, its delivery at community level and testing its effectiveness

    Study on family planning information needs assessment

    Self Help Group (SHGs) of women and family empowerment issues in rural families

    Home stimulation for mothers and its effectiveness

    Identification of disabilities in early childhood in rural families and development of intervention package

    SHGs linkages with ICDS and community partnership



    Facilitation of womens SHGs

    Rural entrepreneurship development through entrepreneurship training to SHGs

    Assisting women members of SHGs in micro-enterprise establishment at local level

    Helping SHG members in the programme of financial assistance/micro-credits from banks

    Field training to functionaries of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS): An Indian government run programme

    Training of women / girls for income generating activities

    Training on formation and running of SHGs

    Bal Utsavs, exhibitions, guidance and counseling,festival of national nature are celebrated in the communities by students of UG and PG.

    Training of functionaries of NGOs

    Guidance and counselling of parents for childcare and stimulation

    Programme of vocational guidance to differently abled children

    Training government functionaries under government run women empowerment programme like Swayam Siddha programme

    Developing village based models of women empowerment through regular college activity for serving.

    A joint MOU signed between Mahila cluster- Durga Gayatri under the auspices of Gayatri Swayam Sevi Sansthan, Pantnagar and G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar to set up field class laboratory for experiential learning as well as women empowerment model.

    Gayatri Science Club established for children of neighbourhood communities. It serves as field/class laboratory. This is affiliated and club affiliated with Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous organization under the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and has its authorization number.



    Laboratory Nursery School

    Child Testing Laboratory

    Special facilities for differently abled children and children with special needs

    Day-care for Children with Facility of Child Testing, Guidance and Counselling


 Research Projects Undertaken

    Organization and impact of community childcare in farm families of Uttar Pradesh

    Evolving a single functional model for delivery of child development services

    Monitoring the social component of ICDS in tribal blocks in Nainital

    Effect of on-site training in conduction of pre-school activities in government run ICDS programme

    Assessment of the effectiveness of nutrition intervention services for pregnant women and lactating mothers in ICDS blocks

    Nutrition and pre-school education activities for intervention in ICDS

    Evaluation of delivery of non-formal pre-school education and nutrition services in ICDS

    Effect of parent education in nutrition and childcare in University farm labour colonies

    Nutritional iodine deficiency and assessment of mental development of children

    Impact of an intervention programme in nutrition and family life education on adolescent girls under ICDS

    Production and testing of teaching aids among the rural pre-schools/anganwadis of ICDS programme

    Impact of non -formal preschool education and nutrition intervention in ICDS

    Evaluation of parent education in childcare and nutrition in University farm labour colonies

    A study of child rearing practices among university farm labour families

    All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Home Science (Child Development Unit)

    Developing a strategy for convergence of services for family support through development programme in selected/ adopted villages of tarai and hills of Uttaranchal


Consultancy Programmes

    Early childhood care, stimulation and education

    Parent and community education on mother and childcare

    Organization of family support structures for children, women, aged and related trainings of short and long duration

    Guidance and counseling: General, educational and referral for children with special needs

    Training on facilitation and formation of women SHGs, youth groups, and hobby clubs, recreational center

    Training and consultancy to NGOs regarding organization of women and childrens programmes

    Middle-level Training Centre, UDISHA, ICDS


Departmental Publications

    KOPAL (Departmental Newsletter)

    Curriculum for Young Children (Book)

    Parent Handbook- Laboratory Nursery School

    Instruction Manual for Student Participants

    Pattern Writing Books for Preschoolers


Contact for information

Dr. Abha Ahuja

Head, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

College of Home Science,

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology,

Pantnagar- 263 145, Uttarakhand, India

Phone: +91-5944-233511 (O), 233515 (R)

e-mail: ahuja_abha[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

Department of Foods and Nutrition



The mission of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition is to contribute to the health and well being of the people of the state, the nation and the world by:

  •  Offering undergraduate and postgraduate education in food science and nutrition to enable the students to become active partners in healthful development of all the members of society/ community

  •  Furnishing current and objective information about food science and nutrition to all policy makers, government leaders, and to those engaged in processing and distributing food and those affecting food selection; and

  •  Conducting research in food science, nutrition, and addressing nutrition and diet related problems, making the results available through publication in professional journals and extension activities


Thrust of Research in the department

  • Quality evaluation and value addition of various food crops

  • Development of neutraceutical/ functional foods using  millets,soybean, bran/husk of grains, legumes, leaves, medicinal plants and spices.

  • Action research for creating public awareness of nutrition, health and safe food.

  • KAP studies on nutrition hygiene and food safety of street food vendors, food handlers and consumers.

  • Feasibility studies for food supplements to be used in government programmes.


Areas of Research in the department

  • Quality evaluation of food crops

  • Product formulation

  • Nutritional surveillance

  • Nutrition intervention and impact evaluation of nutrition programmers

  • Food hygiene and safety


  • HPLC Lab

  • Microbiology Lab

  • Nutrition Lab

  • Postgraduate Research Lab

  • Catering Lab

  • Research Lab

  • Nutrition Counselling Lab


Consultancy Programmes

  • Nutrition couselling

  • Food formulations

  • Quality analysis of foods

  • Study Centre for IGNOU for M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management (DFSM)

  • Consultancy advocacy to Uttaranchal for nutritional support system and policy planning

  • Strengthening of post graduate education in Foods and Nutrition and Child Development (UNDP)


Faculty research 

     Total amount of grant funds over the past one year i.e. 2009- Rs. 55 Lakhs


Research project highlights:

Community Nutrition

o    Nutritional surveillance of agricultural labourer families

o   Time-use and energy expenditure pattern of women and its effect on their children

o    Nutritional iodine deficiency and assessment of mental development of children

o    Womens work pattern and nutritional status of children

o    Diet related degenerative diseases: A case study

o    Utility of spot testing kit in the assessment of iodine content of salt

o   Gender perspective in farm and home management and utilization of underutilized foods towards household nutrition security

o  Study of the nutritional adequacy of hostel foods services in Pantnagar

o     Industrial foods services: An evaluation

o   Nutrition and Immune response complex: Studies in children of lower socioeconomic group

o    Screening of the nutritional status of the aged

o    Effect of parent education on nutrition and childcare in farm labour colonies

o    Dietary fibre content of foodstuffs and intake among adults

o    Organization and impact of community childcare on farm families of rural Uttar Pradesh hills

o    Household food and nutritional security for tribal, backward and hilly areas (NATP)

o  Impact of intervention programme in nutrition and family life education on adolescent girls under ICDS

o   Review of an intervention programme in nutrition and family life education on adolescent girls under ICDS:  A follow up.

o  All India Coordinated Research Project on : Nutritional implication for human health in agrarian ecosystem (ICAR) (2009; Ongoing project annum)

o    Creation of Nutrition Awareness among Rural Population of Uttarakhand to improve food and Nutrition Security (UCOST) (2009)

o        Comparative Study to Assess the Impact of Mid Day Meal Scheme on Quality of Education and Health of Children (GoU) (2009)

o        Creating Awareness on Nutrition among women and girls of district Udham Singh Nagar in  association with Nestle India Ltd., New Delhi (2010)

Nutrition Education

o  Study of the impact of food nutrition and health related advertisement in mass media.

o    Impact of nutrition and health education on mothers knowledge regarding growth in relation to feeding practices.

o    Nutrition education and communication support in hill areas of Uttar Pradesh.

o    Nutrition education in Group Feeding Programmers, HSAI.

o    Capacity Building Project on Street Food Services.


Quality Analysis:

o    Quality evaluation of improved varieties of pulses.

o    Studies on alkali treatment of maize.

o    Exploratory studies in cyanogenic glycosides of various plant food stuffs.

o    Determination of iodine in different types of cooking processes.

o    Processing and storage of sorghum: Changes in nutritional and food quality.

o    Evaluation of natural products for control of storage pests in pulses and their effect on nutritive value of seeds.

o    Functional constituents of some foods known for cardiovascular disease prevention.

o    Use of b-carotene rich foodstuffs for control of vitamin A deficiency in children.

o    Development of food products based on minor millets for diversified uses.

o     Sustainable mulberry sericulture: Suitability of mulberry leaves for human nutrition and silk production.

o    Processing of millets for value addition and development of health foods.

o    Development of diversified food formulation based on millets suitable for groups at risk particularly Kumaon hills.

o    Product formulation with solvent extracted soy flour

o    Food formulation based on extruded soy flour

o   Exploring use of defatted soy flour in foods suitable for young children and invalids.

o    Development of appropriate technology for utilization of roots and tuber crops.

o   Biochemical, microbiological physical and sensory qualities of organic mandua baby food.

o   Acceptability of supplementary fortified food using finger millet.

o   Nutraceuticals in Finger Millet and Development of Functional Foods.



o        e-Home Science Courseware Consortium (NAIP) (2009; Rs. 16 Lakhs)


Passed out post graduate students       


       Ph.D. :21


Departmental Publications (Since 2003 till date)

           Research Paper                  72

           Books/ Chapters in books   22


Contact for more information

Dr. Kalpana Kulshrestha,

Head, Department of Foods and Nutrition

College of Home Science,

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology

Phone: 91-5944-233509

Mobile: 9412404081

Email: kalpana238[at]gmail[dot]com

Department of Family Resource Management


The department aims to create awareness for resource environments of family systems in India and to prepare students to effectively assist rural-urban households in resource generation and allocation issues. It provides necessary theoretical background and analytical tools to undertake financial management and to make wise consumer choices. The academic programmes intend to impart understanding of the concept of aesthetically and functionally efficient dwellings as well as to make students aware of the ergonomic principles in relation to household, equipment, occupations in residential and commercial setting and its management. It aims to develop entrepreneurship skills in students in terms of self-employment and micro-enterprise management.




       Art and Interior Decoration Laboratory

       Training and Production Laboratory

       Household Equipment Laboratory

       Ergonomics Laboratory

       Vocational Laboratory


Research Areas

       Resource management

       Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Principles

       Womens Empowerment and Gender studies

       Family and Environment


       Traditional art and craft



Extension Activities

    Non-conventional energy utilization and related technologies

    Trainings for enhancement of income generation skill

    Training on handicrafts

    Exhibitions on interior decoration / interior enrichment

    Exhibitions on consumer consciousness

    Training on work station design

    Preparation of extension material on drudgery reduction technologies and technologies to reduce stress/ injuries in work


Research Projects Undertaken

   All India Co-coordinated Research Project on Resource management for farm families

   A study on gender role differentiation in farm households

   Ergonomic assessment of farm activities performed by women farmers of farm households of hill region of Uttar Pradesh

   A study of selected consumer products quality and marketing in two types of village markets in Lalkuan

   Assessment of water quality and water management problems in Lauhriasal- Malla village

   Study of existing rural housing conditions and effecting improvements in household activities

   Study of family resource management of rural households and impact of adoption/non-adoption of appropriate management of technologies on the selected resources

    A study to evaluate the performance of smokeless chulha installed and satisfaction derived from use by the labour class families of Pantnagar

    A study of kitchen design for home effectiveness among selected rural families

    Extent and determinants of child labour in rural areas of Haldwani block

    To study the efficiency of three different fireless cookers with three insulators

    To study the energy requirement of rural households

    A comparative study of household storage methods

    Testing efficiency of Mamta smokeless chulha and its acceptability in the villages of hill region

   To survey the existing skills and needs of rural women in preparation for taking up income generating activities in Uttar Pradesh

    Accessibility and availability of credit to rural women and its impact on their economic status

    Empowerment status of women in management of farm households in hill region of Nainital District

   A study of work analysis in existing kitchens of rural homes in Nainital District

   A study of female headed households in two districts of Uttar Pradesh

    Ergonomic assessment of farm activities performed by women of farm households in hill region of Nainital District

    Ergonomical evaluation of critical activities and work-rest allowance for women farmers

    Studies on occupational disorders of farm women and measures for their control in Haldwani block

  Impact of Packaging Material on Health and Environment

Home Automation Technology for Family and Personal Life Management

Assessment of discomfort level of selected SIDCUL industry workers toward workstation design and work environment

Physical Fitness test of employees of Bajaj Auto Limited., Pantnagar



On going research projects/funding agency/details of work


All India Coordinated Research Project, ICAR

Title: Ergonomics of Farm Women Drudgery

This ongoing project is being undertaken in five adopted villages of Tarai and Hill region of Uttarkhand. It  has seen that difficult operations in agricultural production, post harvest as well as household activities are performed using simple rudimentary tool/implement or with no tool. Considering the multiple demand of workers in both reproductive and productive tasks, system approach of combining ergonomically designing/development of equipment/implements alongwith application of training programme involving participatory field level skill training were undertaken.  Repeated field demonstrations in the proper use of ergonomically improved farm implements as to reduce the disproportionate workload was also considered. As an impact of the project there are 5800 direct beneficiaries/workers.


Departmental Publications

       Research Paper

         National             83

         International       25

       Abstract                 24

       Bulletin                    03

       Booklets/leaflets    76

       Books                      03

       Chapters in books   19

       Manuals                   05


Consultancy programmes

Consultancy was given for -

    Agri Portal of  Uttarakhand Govt.

    KUSS (NGO) Champawat for introduction of drudgery reducing technologies in the hill region of Uttarakhand.


Contact for information

Dr. Deepa Vinay

Head, Department of Family Resource Management

College of Home Science

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology,

Pantnagar- 263 145, Uttarakhand, India

Phone: +91-5944-234009 (O), 233417 (R), 09412996707 (M)

e-mail: deepasharma1416[at]rediffmail[dot]com


Department of Home Science Extension


The academic programme is intended to acquaint students with extension education, programme planning, instructional technology, diffusion and adoption of homestead technologies and training management, educational videography, RAWE and Programme Development for rural families.


Research Areas

    Data base on rural women

    Functioning of development programmes in the villages

    Action projects on training of rural women

    Indigenous knowledge on medicinal use of plants




    Radio talks for rural audience

    Organizing Home Science stall during Rabi and Kharif Kisan Mela. The various themes of the Kisan Mela have been womens empowerment, cottage industries, income generating techniques and work simplification techniques

    Preparation of folders, booklets, pamphlets, slides and video cassettes on relevant topics

    Formation of SHGs

    Participation in ATIC activities of the University

    Empowerment of rural women through capacity building

    Regular field visits



    Multimedia Laboratory

    Extension Training Laboratory

    AICRP Laboratory


Research Projects Undertaken

    All India Coordinated Research Project on: Data base on rural women

    Development of sustainable rice-wheat system

    Lab to Land Programme

    An action project on training of rural women and adolescent girls on improved home practices

    Participation of rural women in agricultural operations

    Functioning of Mahila Mandals

    Functioning of DWCRA programme in Gadarpur block, Udham Singh Nagar

    Promotion of integrated weed management in the Gangetic plains of India

    Biogas Development and Training Centre

    Consultancy on Biogas Development

Contact for information

Dr. Pratibha Singh

Incharge, Department of Home Science Extension

College of Home Science

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology,

Pantnagar- 263145, Uttarakhand, India

Phone: +91-5944-233510(O), 233736(R), 09410118154(M)

e-mail: pratibhasingh_84[at]rediffmail[dot]com