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Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Preeti Chaturvedi

DESIGNATION:Associate Professor
QUALIFICATION:M.Sc. (Botany), Ph.D. (Botany)
SPECIALISATION:Plant morphogenesis
EMAIL:an_priti[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in, preetichaturvedidubey[at]gmail[dot]com
CONTACT NO.:9457166657 (M), 05944-235596(R)

Research Area/ Area of Interest

  • Conservation and bio prospecting of medicinal plants and Bryophytes

  • Research Projects

    1. Bioprospecting of central Himalayan bryophytes for antimicrobial potential.
    2. Bioprospecting asiaticoside producing endophytic fungi in Centella asiatica (L.) Urban and enhancing its production by elicitor treatment.
    3. In vitro establishment of Polygonatum vertcillatum(Linn.) Allioni; an endangered medicinal plant of north west Himalayas”.

    Selected Research Publications

    1. Tewari T and Chaturvedi P. 2016 Efficient in vitro establishment and multiplication of Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex Benth through in vitro raised seedlings. Res. on Crops 17 (4): 800-807. DOI : 10.5958/2348-7542.2016.00135.2

    2. Gondval M, Chaturvedi P and Gaur A.K. 2016. Thidiazuron-induced high frequency establishment of callus cultures and plantlet regeneration in Aconitum balfourii Stapf.: an endangered medicinal herb of North-West Himalayas. Indian J. Biotech.15:251-255.

    3. Gupta S., Chaturvedi P and Joshi K. 2015. Micropropagation and bioaugmentation of picroside I in leaves of in vitro cultured plants of Picrorrhiza kurroa Royle ex. Benth. Natl. Acad. Sci. Lett. DOI 10.1007/s 40009-016-0443-3.39(3): 157-161.

    4. Gahtori, D, Chaturvedi, P. and Singh, S. 2011. Using bryophytes as a tool to cure European Foul Brood disease of honey bee: an ecofriendly novel approach. Current Sci. 101(3): 420-423.

    5. Bisht D., Chaturvedi P, Gaur A.K., and Pandey S.T. 2010. Chemical and molecular characterization of Artemisia annua L., genotypes under Tarai conditions of Uttarakhand. Indian J. of Hort. 67(4):557-562. ISSN: 0972-8538

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