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Department of Soil Science

Dr. Ajeet Pratap Singh

DESIGNATION:Senior Research Officer
QUALIFICATION:Ph.D. (Soil Science)
SPECIALISATION:Integrated Farming System, Soil Fertility
CONTACT NO.:9412036492 (M)

Research projects

  • Co-P.I., AICRP on Integrated Farming Systems funded by ICAR

  • Research areas/areas of interest

  • Integrated Farming System

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Singh, D.K.; Singh, R.; Singh, G.; Singh, A. P.; Chaturvedi, S.; Singh, J Rathi, A; and. Singh, M. (2017). Diversification of rice (Oryza sativa)-wheat (Triticum aestivum) system and its influence on productivity, profitability and energetic under on-farm situation. Indian Journal of Agronomy 62 (3): 255-259.

    2. Singh, A.P., Ram, N. and Singh, V. 2010. Impact of 3-decades of fertilizers use on availability of DTPA-extractable micronutrients and its comparison with other extractants on a Mollisol of north India. Environment & Ecology, 28 (1B): 523-529.

    3. Singh, A.P., Mahapatra, B.S., Singh, R.K., Bhardwaj, A.K., Chaubey, A.K. and Vishwakarma, V. 2008. Productivity and fertility status in rice-wheat crop sequence as influenced by integrated nutrient supply under permanent plot experiment. Journal of Farming Systems Research and Development, 14 (1): 6-11.

    4. Sanyal, D., Vishwakarma, V., Mahapatra, B.S., Chaubey, A.K. and Singh, A.P. 2007. Integrated nutrient management in diversified cropping system. Journal of Farming Systems Research and Development, 13(2): 272-276.

    5. Singh, A. P., Ram, N. and Ram, S. 2006. Effect of continuous use of fertilizers for three decades on the availability and uptake of micro nutrients by rice-wheat-cowpea sequence. Annals of Plant and Soil Research, 8 (2): 129-132.

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