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Department of Soil Science

Dr. Navneet Pareek

QUALIFICATION:Ph.D. (Soil Science)
SPECIALISATION:Soil Fertility and Microbiology
CONTACT NO.:9411320501 (M)

Research projects

  • Co P.I., AICRP on MULLaRP funded by ICAR
  • Co P.I., AICRP on Chickpea funded by ICAR
  • Co P.I., AICRP on Long Term Fertilizer Experiment funded by ICAR
  • P.I., Effect of fungicide (Azoxystrobin 20% + Difenoconazole 12.5%) and herbicide (Quinchlorac 30% SC) on soil micro-flora counts in different crops
  • P.I., Effect of herbicide (Metaldehyde 5% GB) on soil micro-flora counts in five different crops
  • P.I., Effect of herbicide UPH-716 on soil physico-chemical and micro-flora counts in onion

  • Research areas/areas of interest

  • Bio-prospecting rhizospheric and endophytic microorganisms to explore and harness their potential or plant growth improvement and N2 fixation; Assessing the adverse impact of long term application of fertilizers in soil, Enhancing rate of composting of farm wastes; Assessing the adverse impact of agriculture chemicals on soil health

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Pareek, N. 2017. Climate Change Impact on Soils: Adaptation and Mitigation. MOJ Ecology and Environmental Sciences 2(3):1-4.

    2. Yaseen; M. Raverkar, K.P., Chandra, R., Pareek, N., Chandra, S. and Singh, D. K. 2017. Long term impact of balanced and imbalanced fertilization in rice under rice-wheat sequence in Mollisols on relationship between microbial activity and yield. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences 6(9):2107-2117.

    3. Bhatt; M. K., Raverkar K.P., Chandra; R., Pareek; N., Singh, D. K. and Yaseen, M. 2017. Use of inorganic fertilizers and FYM for twenty nine years in rice-wheat cropping system improves physical soil quality indices after rice. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences 6(9):3431-3438.

    4. Negi, A., N, Pareek, N., Raverkar, K.P. and Chandra, R. 2017. Effect of two sulphur sources on growth, yield and nutrient use efficiency of brassica. International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology, 6(1): 236 – 247.

    5. Singh, V.P., Pareek, N., Kumar, A., Satyawali, K., Banga, A., Bisht, N. and Singh, D.B. 2015. Efficacy of ACM-9 (Clodinafop Propargyl + Metribuzin) on weeds, growth and yield of wheat. Journal of Environment and Bio-sciences 29(2):361:366.

    Other information

  • One book: Pareek, R. P. and Pareek, N. 2017 Introduction to Agricultural Microbiology. Scientific Publisher Pp-260, ISBN: 9789386652287.

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