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Department of Soil Science

Dr. Veer Singh

DESIGNATION:Senior Research Officer
QUALIFICATION:Ph.D. (Soil Science)
SPECIALISATION:Soil Physics and Soil Chemistry
CONTACT NO.:9837649644 (M)

Research projects

  • P.I., AICRP on maize (Soil Science Component) funded by ICAR
  • Co-P.I., “Effect of Pendimethalin 38.7% CS (Dost Super) on soil physiochemical properties and microflora and fauna- Chickpea” funded by UPL Ltd, New Delhi

  • Research areas/areas of interest

  • Conservation agriculture, soil nutrient and irrigation water management

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Pawan Kumar Pant, Shri Ram, Veer Singh (2017). Yield and soil organic matter dynamics as affected by the long-term use of organic and inorganic Fertilizers under rice–wheat cropping system in subtropical mollisols. Agricultural Research Online DOI DOI 10.1007/s40003-017-0282-6

    2. Shri Ram, S., Singh, V. and Sirari, P. 2016. Effects of 41 years of application of inorganic fertilizers and farm yard manure on crop yields, soil quality, and sustainable yield index under rice-wheat cropping system on mollisols of north India. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis. 47(2): 179–193.

    3. Singh, V., Bhatnagar, A. and Singh, A. P. 2016. Evaluation of leaf-colour chart for need-based nitrogen management in maize (Zea mays) grown under irrigated condition of Mollisols. Indian Journal of Agronomy 61 (1): 47-52.

    4. Singh, V., Srivastva, A., Singh, R. K. and Bhatnagar, A. 2013. Performance of difference maturity groups of maize (Zea may) hybrids under temporary waterlogging conditions in a mollisol. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 83 (6): 639-646.

    5. Singh, V., Srivastava, A., Singh, R. K. and Savita, U.S. 2011. Effect of tillage practices and residue management on soil quality and crop yield under maize (Zea mays) - based cropping system in Mollisol. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 81 (11): 1019–25.

    Other Information

  • Worked as warden of CB-I hostel from 2010 to 2014.
  • In-Charge of Soil Physics lab.

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