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Department of Vegetable Science

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About Us

The academic curriculum for both M.Sc. and Ph.D. was developed by deliberations of Faculty of Agricultural Communication and Foreign Consultants. The faculty is trained from renowned foreign institutes/universities namely Syracuse University, University of Cornell, BBC (London), Philippines, Philadelphia, Wisconsin etc. for sharpening their skills. The specific areas in which the faculty was trained were educational technology, speech communication, distance learning, video & television production, information management and documentation, communication research, agricultural journalism, and technologies related with audio-cassettes.

A total of 41 varieties have been released/ identified at State/ National level. More than 50 agro technoques have been standardized in different vegetable crops. Four varieties suitable for poly house cultivation (2 in Tomato and 2 in Cucumber) were released during 2011.


The department of Vegetable Science is a centre of excellence in creating, acquiring and disseminating knowledge in Vegetable Science for sustainable and productive use of the produce for the welfare of mankind/ society. The Department envisages integrating all the three functions of land grant institution viz education, research and extension service for sustainable development of Horticulture (Vegetables) and allied sectors.


  • To offer courses in Vegetable Science to under graduate students of agriculture and other streams.
  • To conduct post graduate programmes for Masters and Ph. D degree in Vegetable Science.
  • To carry out basic and strategic research on Vegetables for development of new varieties.
  • To develop superior, disease and insect- pest resistant high yielding varieties/ hybrids of major Vegetable Crops.
  • Standardization and demonstration of advanced production and protection technologies including protected cultivation.
  • Production and distribution of high quality vegetable breeder seeds and planting materials.
  • Collection, evaluation and maintenance of vegetable germplasm.
  • varietal trials on major vegetables
  • Organic farming on vegetable crops.
  • To disseminate and promote technologies for sustainable management of vegetables and their resources.

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