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Department of Agricultural Economics

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About Us

The Department of Agricultural Economics started functioning in 1960 as an integral part of the College of Agriculture. In the beginning it used to offer only undergraduate courses. The Master’s degree programme was started in 1963 and the Ph.D. degree programme in 1970. A new M.Sc. (Ag.) programme was started in Rural Banking in the year 1976 which successfully continued till 1992. The Department engages itself in all the three core activities of teaching, research and extension which constitute the integrated system of education in the university. In the last 54 years of its existence, the department has built up expertise in almost all the major fields of agricultural economics.


Agricultural and Rural Development with equity and sustainability through excellence in teaching, research, extension and training.


  • To offer core course(s) to the first degree programmes in Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Horticulture and Home Science.
  • To offer Ph. D and Master’s degree programmes in Agricultural Economics.
  • To offer ‘Minor Package’ for post graduate programmes of other disciplines.
  • To conduct independent research in thrust areas of Agricultural Economics.
  • To participate in multi-disciplinary research projects.
  • To participate in extension activities of the university.
  • To provide comments, opinion on policy issues and research and field based information to government and other development departments.

  • Achievements (Faculty Awards/honours)

  • Uttarakhand Ratan to Dr. M. L. Sharma
  • Certificate of Recognition by IRRI in 2011 for exemplary performance as a PDF in implementation of PVS activity under STRASA project in South Asia and Africa
  • Dr. S.K. Srivastava and Dr. Anil Kumar honoured with ‘Best Teaching Practices Award’ by the Faculty of Agriculture on 01.01.2015
  • Dr. S.K. Srivastava attended the international training on New structural economics’ during 18-24 July 2016 at Peking University, Beijing, China.
  • Implementation of two new projects as follows
    1. Impact assessment of project “Potash for Life “ for improving productivity and profitability of crops in India -funded by DSW, Israel.
    2. Mapping the adoption of improved verities of major crops and management practices in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand -funded by IFPRI, Washington DC.

  • Variety released during last 5 years

  • Text Book: NIL
  • Lab Manual: NIL
  • Field Manual: 01
  • Technical Bulletin: 01

  • Research Papers (numbers during last 5 years)

    Year Number of Papers
    2015-16 21

    Student’s awards/achievement

  • Ms. Manisha Pant Id No. 36894 (ex PG student ) joined in AFC, New Delhi as Development Officer
  • Mr. Soumitra Chowdhury, Id. No. 49651 Ph. D. student joined as Assistant Manager in General Insurance company.
  • Dr. Vijay Kumar Pal (Id. NO. 25914 ) and Ms. Renu Martolia (Id. No. 32180) has been joined as Assistant Professor Agricultural Economics in Post Graduate Colleges in U.P.

  • Significant Contribution (National/state level)

  • Developed baseline socioeconomic data of tribal dominating CD blocks Kalsi and Chakrata, district Dehradun for use of policy maker and planners for various purposes.

  • Ongoing Extension Activities:

    1. Promotion and demonstration of hybrid rice PA 6444 and improved variety wheat PBW 226 for food security in tribal dominating villages of CD blocks Kalsi and Chakrata district Dehradun Uttarakhand.
    2. Organized trainings, farmer-scientist interactions/field days etc. to educate and strengthened the knowledge of tribal farmers for improved crop production in Kalsi and Chakrata blocks, Dehradun for their food and nutritional security.

    Seminar/Workshop/Training/Symposium (conducted in last five years)

    1. Organized Post Kharif workshop NAIP on “Establishing & Networking of Agricultural Market Intelligence Centres in India”, September 20-23, 2011 GBPUAT, Pantnagar.
    2. Organized workshop on poverty, Hunger, Food Security and Nutrition : From Concepts to Measurement on August 23, 2014
    3. Organized 40 trainings under project “Integrated Farming System and Human Resource Planning and Management for Livelihood Security and Capacity Building of Tribal Community in CD blocks Kalsi and Chakrata, district Dehradun, Uttarakhand”
    4. Conducted 30 farmers’ Training during 2009-14 to create awareness among farmers regarding market information and intelligence.

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