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Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding

Dr. A.S. Jeena

SPECIALISATION:Sugarcane Breeding and Germplasm Conservation and utilisation.
CONTACT NO.:7500241511, 7500546157

Research Area/ Area of Interest

  • Sugarcane Breeding, Germplasm Conservation, evaluation and utilisation

  • Research Projects

    1. Collection, evaluation and conservation of native crops germplasm from Uttarakhand hills and pre-breeding through community participation
    2. Conservation of plant genetic wealth of Uttarakhand and pre-breeding through community participation, protection of landraces and farmers varieties and benefit sharing
    3. AICRP Sugarcane

    Selected Research Publications

    1. Bisht, R., Jeena, A.S., Koujalagi, D., Singh, S.P. and Khan, K.A. 2017. Estimation of genetic diversity among sugarcane (Saccharum species complex) clones. J. Appl. Nat. Science 9(3):1469-1474

    2. Negi, A.S., Singh, S.P., Jeena, A.S. and Talha, M. 2017. Estimation of variability parameters in early generation general collection progenies of sugarcane (Saccharum species complex). International J. Agriculture Innovations and Research 6(1):188-190

    3. Bisht, R., Jeena, A.S., Meena, M. R., Koujalagi, D., Singh, S.P. and Khan, K.A. 2017. Genetic Diversity Assessment among the Early Generation Sugarcane (S. officinarum L.) Clones through Microsatellite Markers. Applied Biological Research 19 (3): 315-323

    4. Koujalagi, D., Jeena, A. S., Singh, S. P., Chourasia, K. N. and Khan, K. A. 2017. Hybridity tests to identify true hybrids in sugarcane. Journal of Hill Agriculture, 8(1): 10-16.

    5. Jeena, A. S. and Tabassum Intellectual Property Rights on Biodiversity conservation: An introductory preview on the Issues and challenges. In: International Conference on Global Research Initiatives for Sustainable Agriculture and Allied Sciences. Dec. 02-04, 2017, Astha Foundation, Meerut and Rajesthan Coolege of Agriculture, MPUAT, Udaipur. P40-45

    Other Information

  • Awards: Distinguished Scientist Award at GRISAAS 2017
  • Additional Responsibilities: Nodal Officer, Pantnagar Centre For Plant Genetic Resources, GBPUAT Pantnagar.

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