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Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding

Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh

DESIGNATION:Professor/Senior Maize Breeder
SPECIALISATION:Genetics and Plant Breeding, Plant Biotechnology
CONTACT NO.:9412909645

Research Area/ Area of Interest

  • Maize Breeding and Biotechnology, Stress breeding

  • Research Project

  • Metabolic engineering of plants with stress tolerance phenotypes of D. radiodurans

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. NK Singh, Amarjeet Kumar, Hukum Chandra, Krishna Pal and SS Verma. 2017. Enhancement of Maize Allelic Diversity using Wild Relative Teosinte (Zea mays ssp. Parviglumis). Indian J. Plant Genet. Resour. 30: 253-257.

    2. Jha, S.K., Singh, N.K. and Agrawal, P.K. 2016. Complementation of sweet corn mutants: a method for grouping of sweet corn genotypes. J. Genetics, 95:183–187.

    3. Tufchi, M., Rashmi, Jha, S.K. and Singh, N.K. 2015. Effect on tryptophan content in opaque - 2 gene introgressed BC2F2:3 population of maize. Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding, 75(4): 453-458.

    4. Devi, E. Lamalaxmi, Verma, SS, Kumar, S. and Singh, NK. 2015. Genetic variability studies for yield and contributing traits under two plant densities and molecular diversity analysis in maize (Zea mays L). Maydica, 60 (4): 1-11

    5. Akhtar, M. Jaiswal, A. Ahmad, E. Jaiswal, J.P. Qureshi, M.I. Tufchi, M. kumar, A. and Singh, N.K. 2015. Molecular cloning and characterization of a cold-induced gene encoding DRE-binding transcription factor from cold-arid adapted ecotype of Lepidium latifolium L. Indian J. of Biotechnology. 14:26-32

    Other Information

  • Fellow, Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding, New Delhi
  • Recipient of Dr. RB Ekbote award of MACS, Pune

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