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Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding

Dr. Salil K Tewari

SPECIALISATION:Tree Genetics & Agro Forestry
CONTACT NO.:9411781685, 7500241465

Research Area/ Area of Interest

  • Tree Genetics, Agroforestry, Climate change, Carbon Sequestration, Bamboo cover

  • Research Projects

    1. Program Coordinator: ICAR - All India Coordinated Research Project on Agroforestry

    Selected Research Publications

    1. Panwar, P; Chauhan, S; Kaushal, R; Das, DK; Ajit; Arora,G; Chaturvedi,OP; Jain, AK; Chaturvedi, S and Tewari, Salil. 2017. Carbon Sequestration Potential of Poplar based agroforestry using the CO2FIX model in the Indo-Gangetic Region of India. Tropical Ecology. 58(2);1-9

    2. Arora, Gurveen; Sumit Chaturvedi; Rajesh Kaushal; A. Nain; Salil Tewari, N.Meherul and OP Chaturvedi.2014. Growth, biomass, carbon stocks and sequestration in an age series of Populus deltoides plantation in Tarai region of Central Himalaya. Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry. 38: DOI: 10.3906/tar-1307-94

    3. Chaudhary, L and Salil K.Tewari.2003. Identification of Poplar (Populus deltoides Bartr.) clones through leaf protein profiling. Indian J Genet. 63(3): 287

    4. Pandey, Deepak, Tewari, Salil K. and S. Tripathi.1995. Genetic divergence in Populus deltoides Bart. Indian J. Genet. 17(1): 61-63

    5. Tewari, Salil K. and M.P.Pandey. 1986. Genetics of resistance to Ascochyata blight in chickpea. Euphytica. 35:211-215

    Other Information

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