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Faculty Name


Department of Fisheries Resource Management

Dr. R.N. Ram

DESIGNATION:Professor & Head
QUALIFICATION:Ph.D. (Zoology: Fish & Fisheries)
SPECIALISATION:Fishery Biotechnology & Fisheries Resource Management
CONTACT NO.:05944-233372 (O), 09457256393 (M)

Research Area/ Area of Interest

  • Molecular characterization and reproductive profiling of fish stock of natural water bodies.

  • Research Projects

    1. Energetics of multiple gonadal recrudescence under manipulated reproductive cycle in Clarias batrachus, funded by ICAR, duration from 1996-98, No. of scientists associated : 03 (Self as Co-PI), approved cost Rs. 5.75 Lakhs.
    2. Development of technology and strategy for quality seed production of magur, Clarias batrachus, funded by UPCAR Lucknow, duration from 2000-03, No. of scientists associated 03 (Self as Co-PI), approved cost Rs. 8.50 Lakhs.
    3. Management of fisheries in lentic water system: Stocking of reservoir with fish seed funded by NATP (ICAR) New Delhi, duration from 2000-03, No. of scientists associated 04 (Self as Co-CCPI), approved cost Rs. 24.43 Lakhs.
    4. Assessment of fish production potential and development of norms for fisheries management in reservoirs of Uttaranchal, funded by Uttaranchal Govt. Dehradun, duration from 2005-06, No. of scientists associated 03 (Self as -PI), approved cost Rs. 1.00 Lakhs.
    5. National Programme of seed production in agriculture crops and fisheries: Seed production of catfish (magur), funded by ICAR New Delhi, duration from 2006-07, 2007-2012 under 12th Five Plan, No. of scientists associated 03 (Self as Co-PI), approved cost Rs. 26.00 Lakhs.
    6. Dissemination of bio-resource-based culture and seed production technology of murrels fish to fish farmers belonging to SC/ST and weaker section of Tarai region of Uttarakhand, funded by UCOST, Dehradun (Uttarakhand), duration from 2007-10, No. of scientists associated 03 (Self as PI), approved cost Rs. 12.00 Lakhs.
    7. TSP Project on “Integrated Farming System and Human Resource Planning and Management for Livelihood Security and Capacity Building of Tribal Community in Uttarakhand”, funded by ICAR New Delhi, duration from 2012-14, No. of scientists associated : Integrated Group of Scientist of fisheries Sub-Unit, approved cost total per year budget outlay of Rs. 1.00 CroreLakhs.

    Selected Research Publications

    1. Rajinder Kaur and Raj narayan Ram (2017): Temperature influence on the embryonic development of Labeo rohita (Ham. 1822). Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies Vol. 5(2): 1172-1176 / (NAAS Rating 5.53).

    2. Deepak Joshi, Pushpa Lohni and Raj Nayayan Ram (2017); Genetic diversity analysis of Labeo rohita (Ham. 1822) collecetd from two zones of river Ganga using micro-satellite DNA markers. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied sciences Vol. 6(7): 4139-4147 / (NAAS Rating 5.38).

    3. Bonika Pant, Rajinder Kaur, Soranganba N., Iqra Qadri, Vibha Lohani and Raj Narayan Ram (2017): Role of catchment area on water quality and production pattern in two different riverine ecosystems. Journal of Entomology & Zoology Studies Vo. 5(2): 1545-1549 / (NAAS Rating 5.53).

    4. Lovedeep Sharma, Ekta Tamta, Bonika pant, Deepak Joshi and Raj Narayan Ram (2017): Effect of variable oxygen concentration levels on embryonic growth and development of Rohu and Jayanti Rohu in four different systems. Journal of Experimental Zoology, India, Vol. 20(1): 547-553 / (NAAS Rating 5.51).

    5. Rajinder K., Raj Narayan Ram, Munish B. (2016): Serum biochemical and histological studies in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fed with pointed gourd (Trichosanthes dioica). Indian Journal of Veterinary pathology, Vol. 40 (4): 341-346 (NAAS Rating 5.03).

    Other Information

  • Twice honored with "Best Teacher Award" by Professional Fisheries Graduates Forum (Mumbai).

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