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Department of Clothing and Textiles

Dr. Anita Rani

DESIGNATION:Associate Professor
SPECIALISATION:Clothing and Textiles

Research Projects Completed (2012-2017):

  • Value addition of unconventional fibres from plant source (2012-13) D.E.S., G.B.P.U.A.&T., Pantnagar
  • Preserving the past and enhancing the future of Uttarakhand’s traditional craft through textile designing techniques (2013-14) D.E.S., G.B.P.U.A.&T., Pantnagar
  • 3. Processing of dhaincha fibres for widening scope of their utilization (2015-16) D.E.S., G.B.P.U.A.&T., Pantnagar

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Swati Maurya, Anita Rani and R. Shyam. 2017. Quality assessment of textile effluents discharged from coloring units in Jaspur region of Uttarakhand. Environment and Ecology. 35(28):1071-1074. (ISSN 0970-0420)        NAAS Rating- 4.18

    2. Shazia Mehtab, Manisha Gahlot and Anita Rani. 2016. Application of Justicia adhatoda L. leaf extract as anti bacterial finish on cotton fabric. International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research. 14(2):225-228. (ISSN 2349-8765)        NAAS Rating- 4.60

    3. Mamta Arya, Anita Rani and Manisha Gahlot. 2016. Value addition of dhaincha fibres through dyeing for product development. International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research. 14(3):357-362. (ISSN 2349-8765)        NAAS Rating- 4.60

    4. Monika Negi and Anita Rani. 2016. New Prospects for Women Empowerment through Value Addition of Remnant Fabrics with Aipan Applique. Indian Research Journal of Extension Education. 16 (3): 84-88. (ISSN0972-2181)        NAAS Rating- 4.81

    5. Deepti Pargai and Anita Rani. 2016. A study on youth awareness towards textile based handicraft products. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.5(5):183-190 (ISSN(P)2318-393X; ISSN(E)2318-3948)        NAAS Rating- 3.17

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