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Department of Food and Nutrition

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About Us


Mission of the department is to provide knowledge and skills for being active partners in healthful development of the community; forge interactive relationship with the food/health industry; develop food processing technologies for value-addition with focus on domestic/global market; facilitate employment opportunities for economic empowerment of women and youth.


  • To provide professional knowledge and relevant skills in the subject areas.
  • To develop research projects on quality analysis of food crops; product formulation and quality evaluation; nutritional surveillance, intervention and impact assessment.
  • To provide knowledge of nutrition to the rural communities especially of Uttarakhand for their better health and well being.
  • To impart training on food processing of agricultural produce for promoting entrepreneurship.

  • Objectives:

  • Offering undergraduate and postgraduate education in food science and nutrition to enable the students to become active partners in healthful development of all the members of society/ community.
  • Conducting research in food science, nutrition, and addressing nutrition and diet related problems, making the results available through publication in professional journals and extension activities.
  • Furnishing current and objective information about food science and nutrition to all policy makers, government leaders, and to those engaged in processing and distributing food and those affecting food selection.

  • The clientele:

    Students for education purpose. The department has expertise in food quality analysis and nutrition counseling. The department has developed several food products for prevention of anemia, vitamin A deficiency and control of diabetes mellitus, heart disease. The department organizes training programmes from time to time for entrepreneurs and rural women.

    Salient Features:

  • 15-20 vocational undergraduate students (B.Sc. H.Sc.) and 31 (19M.Sc.+12Ph.D.) postgraduate students study every year.
  • 10 students per year undergo dietetic internship program or industrial training in food industries.
  • Rs. 2000 per month awarded as Graduate Teaching Assistantship to meritorious M.Sc. students (50% of total number of M.Sc. students enrolled).
  • Best undergraduate student in the area of Foods & Nutrition is awarded in Saraswati Panda award every year.
  • Rs. 3000 per month awarded to every Ph.D. student as Ph.D. Scholar Fellowship.
  • Number of students get selected for ICAR JRS/SRFs.
  • 224 M.Sc. thesis,45 Ph.D. thesis , nearly 450 research papers, 150 populate articles, 11 booklet/folder, 7 audio /video cassettes and one computer software have been published till 2016-17.

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