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College of Home Science

Dr. Rita Singh Raghuvanshi

DESIGNATION:Professor & Dean
SPECIALISATION:Materno-foetal Nutrition
CONTACT NO.:+91-5944-233637 (O), 233448(R)


  • Dr. Rajammal P. Devadas Memorial Award: Gold Medal & Memorial Lecture, Nutrition Society of India, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad.

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Raghuvanshi R. S., Verma M., & Gupta. S. 2017 Nutritional and Phytochemicals composition of improved verities of buckwheat grain (fagopyrum esculantum) International Journal of Basic Applied Agricultural Research. (in press).

    2. Singh P. Bhardwaj S, Shalu and Raghuvanshi R.S. Dietary Assessment and Role of Nutrition Education in creating awareness among adolescent girls. International Journal of Basic Applied Agricultural Research. (in press).

    3. Pandey A. and RaghuvanshiR.S. 2017. Importance of life skills education in schools, Rashtriya Krishi 12 (1):115-116.

    4. Singh P. and Raghuvanshi R. S. 2016. Nutritional and Health Aspects of Buckwheat- A Concise Review, World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 5(9): 453-468. DOI 10.20959/wjpr20169-6943

    5. Thakur N., Dobhal N. And Raghuvanshi R. S 2016. Stress level and its relation to eating pattern among research scholars residing in girls’ hostel in Uttarakhand. International Research Journal of Human Resources and Social Sciences, 3 (7): 77-86. Impact Factor 3.66.

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