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Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Sanjeev Suman

DESIGNATION:Assistant Professor
SPECIALISATION:Transportation Engineering, Intelligent Transport Systems, Web based Advanced Traveler Information System, Web GIS, G.I.S. applications in Transportation, Ant System Optimization, Advanced Surveying
CONTACT NO.:07417236206, 09412036282

Selected Research Publications

  1. Singh, B., Gupta, A. and Suman, S. “Framework for Development of Advanced Traveler Information System: A Case Study for Chandigarh City”, Urban Transport Journal, Vol. 14, No.1, October 2015, pp 75-83

  2. Kumar Praveen, Suman Sanjeev and Mishra Shambhavi “Online Ticketing System Development for Web GIS based APTS” Indian Highway Journal, IRC, January 2015, pp 15-18.

  3. Suman Sanjeev and Kumar Praveen, Änt Colony Optimization Algorithms for Vehicle Routing, Route Planning and Scheduling” Highway Research Journal, IRC, January – June 2014, pp 55-65.

  4. Suman Sanjeev and Kumar Praveen, Application of ANT Administrative System in WEB GIS Based Advanced Public Transport System (APTS), Discussion paper, Journal of the Indian Roads Congress (IRC), Vol 73-3, October-December 2012, pp353-372.

  5. Suman Sanjeev and Kumar Praveen, “Web GIS based Advanced Public Transport System using MapServer and Ant Algorithm”, Indian Highways, IRC, September 2012, pp 41-55.

Other Information

  • Working as member of Editorial Board of International Journal “Modern Traffic and Transportation Engineering Research (MTTER), American V-King Scientific Publishing, LTD.
  • Working as Staff Counsellor for NIRMAN (A Civil Engineering Society for Pantnagar Chapter)
  • Working as Co-staff counsellor of Engineering Society, College of Technology
  • Working as Incharge, Highway Engineering Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering, Pantnagar.
  • Rendering consultancy services to various Government/ private agencies in highway material testing & quality assessment of highway materials.
  • Rendering consultancy services to various Government/ private agencies in the field of Surveying and Leveling.

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