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Department of Soil & Water Conservation Engineering

Dr. Deepak Kumar

DESIGNATION:Assistant Professor
SPECIALISATION:Soil & Water Cons. Engineering
CONTACT NO.:7900450774

Selected Research Publications

  1. Kumar, Deepak, Jan Adamowski, Ram Suresh, and Bogdan Ozga - Zielinski.(2016) Estimating Evapotranspiration Using an Extreme Learning Machine Model: Case Study in North Bihar, India." Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (2016): 04016032.

  2. Kumar, D., Ch, Sudheer, Mathur, S. and Adamowski, Jan (2015) Multiobjective Optimization of In-Situ Bioremediation of Groundwater using a Hybrid Metaheuristic Technique. International Journal of water and land Management, 27(1), 29-40

  3. Ch, Sudheer., Sohani, S.K., Kumar, Deepak., Malik, A., Chahar, B.R., Nema, A.K., Panigrahi, B.K., Dhiman, R.C. (2014) ‘A support vector machine-fire fly algorithm based forecasting model to determine malaria transmission’ Neurocomputing,129,279-288.

  4. Kumar, D., Ch., S., Mathur, S. and Panigrahi, B.K. (2013) ‘Hybrid algorithm performance with varying population size for multi-objective optimisation of in-situ bioremediation of groundwater’, International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation. Vol. 5, No. 3, 164-174

  5. Ch, Sudheer., Kumar, D., Prasad, R.K., and Mathur, S. (2013) Optimal Design of an In-Situ Bioremediation System using Support Vector Machine and Particle Swarm Optimization. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 151, 105–116

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