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Department of Soil & Water Conservation Engineering

Dr. Pradeep Singh Kashyap

DESIGNATION:Associate Professor
SPECIALISATION:Soil & water conservation, Natural resource management, Water harvesting, Irrigation management, Crop growth modeling
CONTACT NO.:9411144044 (M)

Selected Research Publications

  1. Tamta, S., Kashyap, P.S., Kumar, Pankaj, 2018. Estimation of Evaporation in Hilly Area by Using Ann and Canfis System Based Models. Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. App. Sci. 7(1): 911-919

  2. Saran, B, Kashyap, P. S. and Kumar, P. (2017). Evaporation estimation by multilayer perceptron based Artificial Neural Network and Multiple Linear Regression Techniques. Indian Journal of Ecology. 44 (1): 108-112.

  3. Singh S. K. and Kashyap P. S. (2016). Sediment outflow from paddy mulch at varying land slopes under simulated rainfall conditions. HortFlora Res. Spectrum, 5(4): 275-283.

  4. Singh, SK, Kashyap, P. S. and Singh, P (2016). Runoff and sediment generation from grass mulch treatments at varying land slopes under simulated rainfall conditions. Progressive Research. 11 (special-viii) : 5385-5389

  5. Kumar, P., Panwar, R., Kashyap P.S. and Kumar, D. (2015). Weekly pan evaporation estimation by Stephens-Stewart and Griffith models. HortFlora Research Spectrum. 4(2): 97-101

  6. Kashyap, P.S., Verma, A. and Siebert, S. (2014). Intercropping for Efficient Resource Utilization in Indian Agriculture : A Review. HortFlora Research Spectrum. 3(4): 310-314

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