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Department of Soil & Water Conservation Engineering

Dr. Pravendra Kumar

SPECIALISATION:Hydrological Modeling / ANN, ANFIS, Mathematical, Stochastic
CONTACT NO.:9568995478

Selected Research Publications

  1. Chanu, S.N and Kumar, Pravendra. 2016. Application of multilayer perceptron based artificial neural network for modeling of rainfall-runoff in a Himalayan watershed. Int. J. Advanced Tech. in Engg. and Science, 4(10): 605-618.

  2. Singh, V.K. Kumar, Pravendra and Singh, B.P. 2016. Rainfall-runoff modeling using artificial neural networks (ANNS) and multiple linear regression (MLR) techniques. Indian J. of Ecology, 43(2): 436-442.

  3. Singh, V.K., Kumar, Pravendra, Singh, B.P. and Malik, A. 2016. A comparative study of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and multiple linear regression (MLR) for rainfall-runoff modeling. International J. Science and Nature, 7(4): 714-723.

  4. Kumar, Pravendra, Tiwari, S., Chanu, S.N., Luthra, K. and Rani, P. 2016. Estimation of erosivity index using daily rainfall for Dehradun, Uttarakhand. J. Soil & Water Cons., 15(2): 113-119.

  5. Kyada, PradipMohanbhai and Pravendra Kumar. 2016. Applications of artificial neural networks for short term rainfall forecasting. Agril. Engineering Scientific J., 1: 39-48.

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