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Department of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Rajiv Singh

DESIGNATION:Assistant Professor
SPECIALISATION:Electrical Engineering
EMAIL:rajiv77singh[at]gmail[dot]com, teers1[at]gbpuat[dot]ac[dot]in
CONTACT NO.:05944-233370 (O), 9935889880 (M), 7500214548 (CUG)

Selected Research Publications

  1. Singh Rajiv, Singh Asheesh Kumar., Thakur Padmanabh. (2017) Wind Turbine Standards and Certification: Indian Perspective. In: Bansal R. (eds) Handbook of Distributed Generation. Springer.

  2. Singh Rajiv and Singh Asheesh Kumar. (2017) Critical performance evaluation of a few intelligent controllers for effective power control in grid connected wind generators In: Azzopardi Brian. (eds) Sustainable Development in Energy Systems. Springer.

  3. Rajiv Singh and Dr. Asheesh Kumar Singh, “Design and comparison of a PI and PID controller for effective active and reactive power control in a grid connected two-level VSC,” International review of control, Praise worthy prize, Italy, pp. 67-77, vol.6, no. 6, Nov. 2013.

  4. Rajiv Singh and Dr. Asheesh Kumar Singh, “ A study of various drive train models of fixed speed wind generators and their simulation using Simscape,” International review of modeling and simulation, pp. 2056-2065, vol. 5, no. 5, Oct. 2012.

  5. Rajiv Singh, Dr. Asheesh Kumar Singh and Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Transient Stability Improvement of a FSIG Based Grid Connected wind Farm with the help of a SVC and a STATCOM: A Comparison, International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, pp. 55-59, vol.4, no.1, February 2012.

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