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Department of Information Technology

Dr. H.L. Mandoria

DESIGNATION:Professor & Head
CONTACT NO.:7900410111

Selected Research Publications

Name of Authors Title of Paper Name of International/ National Journals Vol., Issue, Pages ISSN No. Publish Month/ Year Imp. Fact.(IF)
Ankur Dumka, H.L. Mandoria Analysis of Enhanced HOP By HOP Feedback Based Hierarchical MPLS Protocol International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Research (IJCSEITR) Vol. 5, Issue 6, 1-6 2249-6831 ISSN(E): 2249-7943 Dec 2015 NAAS Rating= 3.63 IF(JCC)= 7.2165
Ravish Kumar Dubey, H.L. Mandoria Study of different transformation algorithm in digital image watermarking International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology Research (IJCSEITR) Vol. 6 Issue 3 , 11-18 (P)2249-6831(E)2249-7943 Jan 2016 NAAS=3.63
Bhoomika Pandey, H.L. Mandoria A Comprehensive Study of Different Energy – Efficient Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks International Journal of Computer Networking, Wireless and Mobile communication (IJCNWMC) Vol. 6, Issue 2, (P)2250-1568(E) 2278-9488 Apr 2016 NAAS=3.83
Sonal Paliwal, Rajesh Shyam Singh, Haridwari Lal Mandoria A Survey of Various Text detection and Extraction Techniques From Videos and Images International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology (IJCSEITR) Vol. 6 Issue 3, 1-10 (P)2249-6831(E)2249-7943 Jun 2016 NAAS=3.63
Navneet Kr. Kashyap, Binay Kumar Pandey, H.L. Mandoria, Ashok Kumar A Comprehensive Study of Various Kinds of Frauds& IT’S Impact International Journal of Computer Science Engineering Information Technology Research (IJCSEITR) Vol. 6 No. 03, 47-58 (P)2249-6831(E)2249-7943 Jun 2016 NAAS=3.63

PG Students

Student Name Advisor Topic
Ms. Hemani Dr. H. L. Mandoria Evaluation and Implementation of RSA and Diffie- Hellman Algorithms for Image Watermarking
Mr. Ashwani K. Yadav Dr. H. L. Mandoria Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud computing
Ms. Payal Chhabra Dr. H. L. Mandoria Enhancement of a Fault Tolerant System by using Checkpointing Algorithm in Mobile Agent System
Ms. Samridhi Singh Dr. H. L. Mandoria Simulation of Color and Textural Based Method for Image Encryption in Image Processing
Ms. Prachi Chauhan Dr. H. L. Mandoria Study and Analyze Detection and Isolation of Sybil attack in Vehicular Ad- Hoc Network (VANET)
Ms. Shreela Pareek Dr. H. L. Mandoria Fast Retrieval of Images in Secured Content Based Image Retrieval System
Ms. Reema Sharma Dr. H. L. Mandoria Test Generator
Ms. Akansha Upadhyay Dr. H. L. Mandoria Organic Food Store
Ms. Supreet Bajaj Dr. H. L. Mandoria Online Grocery Store
Mr. Manish Dhyani Dr. H. L. Mandoria Conceptpedia Learning Platform

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