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Department of Irrigation & Drainage Engineering

Dr. Shiv Kumar

SPECIALISATION:Irrigation & Drainage Engg., Ground Water

Selected Research Publications

  1. Kusum Pandey and Shiv Akumar 2016. Ground Water Modelling Using Statistical Analysis: A Review. Presented in 50th Convention of Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE) and Symposium on Agricultural Engineering in Nation Building: Contributions and Challenges held at College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Orissa University of Agricultural and Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, pp. 258.

  2. Kusum Pandey, G.S. Yurembam, Shiv Kumar 2015. Water Quality Monitoring Using Remote Sensing and G.I.S. : A Review. Presented in Symposium on Hydrology held at Delhi during December 22-23, Organized by IAH, NIH, Roorkee and Central Water Commission, New Delhi, pp. 51.

  3. Kadam Satish Arjun, Shiv Kumar, Yogendra Kumar and H.C. Sharma 2013. Effect of Fertilizer Factory Effluent on Wheat Crop : A Case Stuidy. Access International Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol. 1 (7), pp. 81-90

  4. Thakre Kirti Kumar Raghunath and Shiv Kumar 2012. Ground Water Modelling for Ramganga-Kosi Interbasin, Using Artificial Neural Networks. International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Management. Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 239-251.

  5. Shiv Kumar and Yogendra Kumar 2012. Study of Sruge Irigation in Tarai Soils of Uttarakhand. International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Management. Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 227-237

Other Information

1. Chapters Published in Books

S.No. Year of Publication Name of Book Topic Editors of Book Publisher Pages
1. 2003 Drainage and Irrigation Water Management Ground Water Studies in Udham Singh Nagar District of Uttaranchal Virendra Kumar, Jaspal Singh and S.R. Bhaskar Himanshu Publication, Udaipur-New Delhi 30-42
2. 2008 Environmental Changes and Geomorphic Hazard Periodic Variation of Chemical Quality of Ground Water in Shallow Aquifer in Krishna-Kali Doab, Western Pradesh, India Surendra Singh, Leszek Starkel, Hiambok Jones Syiemlieh Bookwell, New Delhi 347-354
3. 2008 Ground Water Quality and Environment Optimal Utilization of Ground Water and Surface Water for Crop Planning in Rampur District of Uttar Pradesh K. Palanisami, B.R. Neupane, M. Thangrajan Mac Millan India Ltd., Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi 194-203
4. 2008 Ground Water Resources Assessment, Recharge and Modelling Unsteady State Rise of Water Table Between Two Ditches in Two Layered Soil with Constant Recharge M.V. Ranghaswami, K. Palanisami, C. Mayilswami Mac Millan India Ltd., Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi 156-164
5. 2010 Water Conservation and Utilization in Agriculture ProductionAdvances in Irrigation Management S.K. Saini and Subhash Chandra Satish Serial Publishing House, Delhi 407-412

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