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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Amit Prasad

DESIGNATION:Assistant Professor
SPECIALISATION:Veterinary Medicine
CONTACT NO.:9601355075

Area of Interest:

  • Equine Medicine

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Amit Prasad, Vineet Kumar and J, S. Patel. 2017. Bilateral Conjuctival Habronemiasis with Blepharoconiunctivitis in a Marwari horse. lntas Polivet (2017) Vol. 18 (l):216-218

    2. B.R. Maharana*, Binod Kumar, A Prasad, T.K. Patbandha, N.R. Sudhakar, J.P. Joseph and B.R. Patel. 2016. Prevalence and assessment of risk factors for haemoprotozoan infections in cattle and buffaloes of South-West Gujarat, India(2016), Indian J. Anim. Res., Print ISSN:0367-6722 / Online ISSN:0976-0555B-2955 [1-7] DOI:10.18805/ijar.10268

    3. Vineet Kumar,*, J.V. Vadalia, A.M. Patel, Amit Prasad, S.H. Talekar and P.B. Patel. 2016. Ultrasonographic, radiographic diagnosis and management of Esophageal obstruction in jaffarabadi buffaloes and gir cattle. Buffalo Bulletin (October-December 2016) Vol.35 No.4 549-556

    4. V.L. Parmar, Amit Prasad, J.S. Patel, B.B. Javia and D.B. Barad.2015 Clinico-Therapeutic Management of Tetanus in Caprines. Intas Polivet (2015) Vol. 16 (II): 380-381

    5. Amit Prasad, S. K. Shukla and J.L.Singh. 2012'Therapeutic efficacy of anticoccidial drugs in goat'. Indian J. Vet. Med. Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 23-24.

    6. Niddhi Arora, D. V. Singh, Amit Prasad, Satish Kumar and V.S. Rajora. Management of Contagious Ecthyma in goat. 2011. Indian journal of small ruminant. 17 (1): 128-129

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