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Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding

Dr. B.N. Shahi

DESIGNATION:Assistant Professor
CONTACT NO.:9410587169

Selected Research Publications

  1. Ganie, Z.A.; Kumar, D.; Kumar, S.; Shahi, B.N. and Ghosh, A.K. (2017). Genetic diversity analysis of Chaugarkha goat using microsatellite markers. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 87 (I), 122-124.

  2. Shahi, B.N. and Kumar, D. (2006). Sire evaluation of first lactation traits using univariate animal model in Sahiwal and Jersey –Sahiwal cattle. Indian Journal of Animal Science 76 (10), 853-854.

  3. Shahi, B. N. and Kumar, D. (2006). Factors affecting replacement rate and its components in Sahiwal and Jersey-Sahiwal cattle. Indian Journal of Animal Science 76(10), 855-856.

  4. Kumar, D.; Pandey, A.K.; Ahlawat, S.P.S.; Sirohi, G.; Sharma R.; Gour, D.S.; Dixit S.P.; Verma, N.K.; Aggarwal, R.A.K.; Gupta, N.; Shahi B. N. and Gupta, S.C. (2005). Genetic variability and bottleneck analysis of Jakhrana goats by microsatellite DNA fingerprinting. Korean Journal of Genetics 27(3), 235-245.

  5. Shahi, B. N.; Singh, Brijesh and Verma, S.K. (2003). Inheritance of pre and post incubation traits of Guinea fowl using arc-sine and square root transformation. Indian Journal of Animal Science 73(1), 100-101.

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