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Department of Veterinary Anatomy

Dr. Meena Mrigesh

DESIGNATION:Assistant Professor
SPECIALISATION:Veterinary Anatomy
CONTACT NO.:893880500

Selected Research Publications

  1. Khan Idrees Mohd, Meena Mrigesh1, Balwinder Singh and Ishwar Singh 2016 Ultrastructural study on the Granulocytes of Uttara Fowl (Gallus Domesticus) Veterinary World, 9(3): 320-325

  2. Meena Mrigesh, Ishwer Singh, Aditya Kumar and Suresh Mehta (2013). Cytomorphology of the blood cells of donkey- Equus Asinus. I.V.J. 90 (10):35-36

  3. Meena Mrigesh, Ishwer Singh, Suresh Mehta and Aditya Kumar (2012). Cytochemical observations on blood cells of donkey and their diagnostic importance. Veterinary Practitioner 13(1): 13-15

  4. Aditya Kumar , Ishwar Singh and Meena Mrigesh (2012). Transmission electron microscopic studies on agranulocytes and platelets of sheep. I.J.A.S. 82 (1) 60-62

  5. Meena Verma, O.P.Paliwal, B. R. Singh, A. K. Sharma and B. N. Tripathi (2004). Pathology of Salmonella Abortus equi infection in pregnant and non pregnant guinea pigs. I.J.V.P.28 (1):7-10.

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