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Department of Veterinary Physiology & Biochemistry

Dr. S.K. Rastogi

QUALIFICATION:Ph.D. (Veterinary Physiology)
SPECIALISATION:Veterinary Physiology
CONTACT NO.:05944-233070 (O), 9411343128 (M)

Research area/Area of interest

  • Renal Physiology; Electrophysiology; Endocrinology

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Manjari Rao, Mrigakshi Yadav, Kandasamy Ramesh, Sarveshwa Uniyal, Sunil Kumar Rastogi, Veerasamy Sejian and Iqbal Hyder. (2015). HSP70 as a marker of heat and humidity stress in Tarai buffaloes. Tropical Health and Production 46 (7).

    2. Anand Mohan, Ajay Kumar Upadhyay, Neelam Kushwaha, Rashmi Singh and Sunil Kumar Rastogi. (2014). Seroprevalance of foot and mouth disease and protective antibody titre against it in buffaloes. Buffalo Bulletin 33(4): 284-292.

    3. Mehtab S. P., A.K Madan, S.K Rastogi and R. Huozha. (2013). Comparative study of seasonal variations on hematological profile in Sahiwal cows (Bos indicus) and Murrah buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Journal of Animal Research, 3(2): 167-171.

    4. Madan A. K., Korde J. P., Das A. K. and Rastogi S. K. (2009). Propofol induced electroencephalographic electrocardiographic and spirometric changes in goats. Veterinary Arhiv 80 (1): 27-39

    5. Shivi Maini, S. K. Rastogi, J.P. Korde, A.K. Madan and S.K. Shukla. (2007). Evaluation of oxidative stress and its amelioration through certain antioxidants in broilers during summer. Journal of Poultry Science. 44(3): 339-347.

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