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Directorate of Extension Education





Director Extension Education/ Director SAMETI Uttarakhand

Dr. Y.P.S. Dabas


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Email : dee_gbpuat@rediffmail.com

Background :

  • The Directorate of Extension Education is actively involved in transfer of latest technologies to the farmer’s field and giving its feed back to the researcher.
  • The Directorate of Extension Education in this University started functioning in 1962 in Nainital District with a team of only three scientists.
  • Later on, the services were extended to 16 districts of undivided UP, which were further extended to 19 districts of western plain and hill in 1973.
  • This number reached to 20 with the formation of Ghaziabad district.
  • Later on the area jurisdiction of the University consisted of 28 districts before the formation of Uttarakhand.
  • University provide extension services to whole of the Uttarakhand and having 09 Krishi Vigyan Kendra (6 districts of hills and 3 districts of Tarai /Bhabhar and plains).
  • With varied geographical, biophysical and socio economic conditions of the state, the work of validation of newly developed technologies and transfer of technology has become very challenging. The Directorate has accepted this challenge and the extension activities are undertaken through following units of the Directorate:

Our Units:

  • Headquarters at University
  • Nine KVKs (working at grass root level) in nine districts.
  • Training unit of Headquarters.
  • Agriculture Technology Information Centre (ATIC) and
  • Extension activities of different colleges
  • State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI), Uttarakhand

Our Vision:

      “To see Self Reliant, Healthy Rural Populous with Rich Agricultural Knowledge and Good Marketing Intelligence”


Our Mission:

·        To bridge up  the agricultural technology gap at grass root level,

·        To educate rural people to attain/participate in development,

·        To create awareness about health, hygiene, environment and bio-diversity conservation for sustainable development,

·        To link farmers with newly emerging globalized world by providing them information and guidance,

·        To develop a system of effective research and extension linkages,

·        To generate employment in the field of agriculture and allied disciplines

·        To integrate IT in rural system for their development.

Our Activities:

  • Technology transfer through Krishi Vigyan Kendras.
  • Training programmes at Headquarters.
  • To serve as single window system for providing all information regarding agriculture, providing inputs like seeds & planting material through Agricultural Technology Information Center (ATIC).
  • Act as mediator for researchers by updating them with field problems of farmers and to help them in developing "Demand Driven Technology.”
  • Development of extension literature and its distribution among farmers & extension functionaries.
  • Organization of Kisan Mela: A forum for Farmers-Agro. Industry interaction.
  • Various collaborative projects operated in Directorate at different location of Uttarakhand.

Our Organizational Structure:

The Directorate of Extension Education is headed by Director Extension Education. It functions on the recommendations of Extension Advisory Committee. The Vice Chancellor is the Chairman of Extension Advisory Committee.


Salient Achievements:

Capacity Building through Training Programmes

·    The Training & Visit unit, KVKs, SAMETI-Uttarakhand and the constituent colleges of the University have organized 808 training programmes for 17515 farmers, farm women, rural youth, extension functionaries and others on various aspects of agriculture and allied subjects in the year 2013-14.

Ø Out of these, 52 trainings were organized by the training & visit unit for 1821 participants under different schemes sponsored by various line departments, input agencies/NGOs, and self help groups, etc.

Ø The KVKs organized 239 On Campus Trainings and 497 OFF Campus Trainings benefiting 4923 and 10335 participants, respectively from different agro-ecological situations.

Ø SAMETI-Uttarakhand conducted 13 training programmes in which 246 extension functionaries and progressive farmers were trained in different aspects of agriculture and related fields including extension system management and latest agricultural technologies. Apart from this 114 farmers from 04 sponsored trainings and 76 farmers from 3 trainings of MANAGE, respectively were benefited through the trainings conducted by SAMETI.

Ø The College of Agriculture organized training programmes including short-term courses and summer schools.

Ø Training programmes on specialized areas of dairy, poultry and goat farming, fisheries, wildlife health management, animal health care, first aid/emergency treatment and disease control, advanced techniques in diagnosis and prophylaxis, and X-ray, ELISA & auto analyzer diagnosis techniques, etc. for veterinary officers, livestock extension officers, foresters, progressive farmers, rural youth and women were organized by the College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences.

Ø The Home Science extension specialists organized training programmes under Capacity Building Project on ‘Street Food Services’ to sensitizing the women about the importance of green leafy vegetables and soybean in daily diet. Trainings/ winter or summer schools/ workshops/ seminars were also organized for the participants from different sections of society.

Ø Trainings on preparation of value added fish products, fish farming, post harvest technology and integrated fish farming systems and fish culture and reservoir stocking was imparted by the College of Fisheries under various projects.

Visits conducted

Ø The Training & Visit unit conducted 170 short visits to the University at different occasions benefiting 7072 visitors from all over the country and Nepal.

Ø Two Thousand Three Hundred Ninety seven farmers and extension functionaries visited ATIC from different parts of the country and the neighboring country (Nepal) for seeking solutions to their queries.

Training and Visit Unit

(being looked after by Dr. S.K. Bansal, Professor, Agriculture Extension, Contact No. 7500241450)




Agriculture Technology Information Centre (ATIC): One stop shop for farmers

(being looked after by Dr. Ram Ji Maurya, Professor( Agronomy), Contact No. 7500241566)


Ø Established on 26th August, 2001 with the financial support of ATIC.jpgICAR, which acts as one stop shop for all farmers and rurals.

Ø Farmers not only get technological products like seeds, sapling of plants; literature on agriculture, horticulture, vegetables, animal husbandry, poultry, fisheries, agricultural implements and published books of the University on no profit no loss basis but also get solution of various agricultural and related problems from far off places.

Ø The Help-line service (05944-234810) of and Kisan Call Centre (1800 180 1551) ATIC replied to 1751 calls from farmers of Uttarakhand and other parts of India during 2013-14.

Ø In total, the sale of Minikit of seeds of crops and vegetable seeds has been to the value of Rs. 91,699.00 during 2013-14.

Ø The sale of literature including the Pantnagar Kisan Diary to the farmers has been to the tune of Rs. 3,02,438.00 for the year 2013-14.

Ø In total, ten new publications (50,000 copies) were brought out by ATIC.

Ø The membership of the two magazines viz. Indian Farmers’ Digest and Kisan Bharti has been subscribed by 1379 numbers.

Ø ATIC is also connected with farmers for on-line solutions through Village Resource Centre (VRC) established with the help of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).


·      Over 300 title publications on various scientific/ extension topics were brought out.

Ø  Out of these, 263 publications have been contributed by the KVKs including 18 research papers, 30 technical reports/bulletins, 56 popular articles, 38 extension booklets, 03 abstracts, 02 books and 116  news items/stories in the leading publications and regional newspapers.

Ø  Six extension booklets on thrust areas of Uttarakhand viz., Guinea fowl, Vegetable production in hills, Floriculture, Hybrid seed production in cucurbits, Traditional methods of irrigation versus modern techniques have been published in Hindi by SAMETI-Uttarakhand. These are available to the farmers on no profit no loss basis. 


Organization of All India Farmers Fair and Agro Industrial Exhibition:

For the benefit of the farmers and agro-industrial organizations, university organizes four days All India Farmers’ Fair and Agro-Industrial Exhibition at its main campus twice in a year.





Ø This fair is a common forum for all stake holders of Agriculture Industry i.e. farmers, scientists, agricultural firms and policy makers.

Ø Farmers from all over India including neighboring countries visit the fair.

Ø Question-answer session i.e. Kisan Gosthi and special lectures are important features of farmers’ fair.

Ø Like headquarters, farmers’ fairs are also organized at all the KVKs under the aegis of University.

Radio Talks

·        A total of 122 including 80 T.V. programmes and 42 radio talks were given on various timely topics by the faculty of the KVKs.


Extension Activities of Different Colleges