Enterprises promoted through SGSY programme in Ambedkar Nagar

district of U.P. State




Department of Home Science Extension, College of Home Science,

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and

Technology, Pantnagar-263 145 (U.S. Nagar, Uttarakhand)





 Women in India manage all the household matters and work for almost 14-16 hours. There is no recognition for their hard work, just because her work is not evaluated in terms of money. It was felt that women should be motivated to come together and engaged in economically viable activities. With this in view Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) was started by government initiative in April 1999 to empower rural people especially rural women. The study was conducted in 8 villages of 2 blocks viz. Baskhari and Tanda of district Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. The sample consisted of 100 rural women who were the beneficiaries of SGSY programme and were running enterprises promoted under SGSY programme. The data was collected through personal interview technique and group discussion in the year 2009. Findings indicated that SGSY programme was running in the selected blocks since 1999-2000. It had promoted 13 entrepreneurial activities viz. dairy, goat rearing, poultry, tailoring, handicraft items from bamboo, shops of readymade garments and general accessories, floriculture, bamboo care, furniture making, vegetable cultivation and selling and bee- keeping. All the respondents had adopted different enterprises promoted under SGSY programme. Out of total adopters, 36 percent had adopted dairy enterprise followed by goat rearing (30%), poultry (17%), tailoring (8%) and rest were engaged in pottery, floriculture, handicraft items etc. From the study it could be inferred that SGSY programme had contributed to the women to start and own micro enterprise which has improved their economic status.