Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering

Dr. T. P. Singh

DESIGNATION:Professor & Head
SPECIALISATION:Conservation Tillage, Seeding Machinery, Precision Agriculture, Hill Agriculture Mechanization

Selected Research Publications

  1. Singh, T. P. (2017). Comparative performance of rotavators with varying length in combine harvested rice field and assessing the matching power source. International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research.vol. 15(1-2):54-59

  2. Vineet Kumar Sharma, Triveni Prasad Singh, Jayant Singh (2017). Development and evaluation of multi toolbar No-till drill with residue handling device under various paddy residue conditions. Journal of Agricultural Engineering. No.1:pp 1-10

  3. Singh, Padam and Singh, Triveni Prasad (2017). Performance evaluation of a cell in belt type metering device for planting of gladiolus corms. Internat. J. Agric.Engg., 10(1) : 159-167, DOI: 10.15740/HAS/IJAE/10.1/159-167

  4. A. E. Kate, Anupama Singh, N. C. Shahi, J. P. Pandey, T. P. Singh and Om Prakash (2016). Impact of polar bio-solvent, particle size and soaking time on microwave-assisted extraction of edible oil from black soybean Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization

  5. Singh, T. P. (2016). Energy and economic assessment in tillage and sowing for rotavators, conventional and no-till Wheat establishment. International Journal of Agriculture and Forestry, vol.62(4):101-108

Book Chapters

  • Singh, T. P. (2017). Farm Machinery. Book published by PHI Learning Pvt Ltd, Delhi, ISBN-978-81-203-5259-9, pp:396
  • Singh, T. P. (2012). Hand tools and equipment for production agriculture. Book published by FMP Engg Deptt, College of Technology, G. B. Pant University of Agric. & Technology, Pantnagar. pp 1-70
  • Singh, T. P. (2009). Status and perspective of agricultural mechanization in hills Chapter in book on Agriculture in Uttarakhand Hills edited by Bisht, B.S. and Singh, D.P. pp280-289
  • Singh, T. P. (2010) Role of machineries in sustainable agriculture. Chapter in book on Stable Food Production and Sustainable Agriculture- A challenge ahead in 21st century edited by Sengar, R. S. and Sharma, A.K. Studium Press (India) Pvt Ltd pp 115-130

  • Technical Bulletins

  • Thakur, T. C.; Singh, Bhagwan and Singh, T. P. 1989. Dissertation Abstract, FMP - 2, 54 p.
  • Singh, T. P. and Singh, Bachchan 2001. Technical bulletin on “Pantnagar Zero-till Ferti-seed Drill”
  • Singh, M. P.; Singh, Jayant; Rajkumar and Singh, T. P. 2006. Improved Tools and Equipments for Hill Agriculture
  • Singh, T. P.; Singh, M. P. and Singh, Jayant (2009). Psychometric chamber- a success story. Research Bulletin No. 161, pp 1-21 published under AICRP on UAE, G. B. Pant University of Agric. & Technology, Pantnagar
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