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Directorate Of Communication

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  • Dr. S.K. Bansal
  • Director Communication
  • G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Pantnagar – 263145, Uttarakhand, India

  • Contacts
  • Phone:+91-5944-233579 (O)
  • Fax: +91-5944-233473
  • E-mail: directorcom_pantnagar

About Us

Communication Centre is playing a significant role in projecting university activities, disseminating information related to agricultural and allied fields. It is serving as an important link between scientists, extensions, farming community and other stakeholders. Communication has been recognized as an important input for development to disseminate and create a dialogue among different stakeholders about the technologies and issues of agriculture, environment and sustainable development. G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar established a communication Centre with the help and support from ICAR and UNDP. Over the years Communication Centre has blossomed into full fledged unit in strengthening and building up university image.

Historical Background

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology has the privilege of having the first Centre of Communication within any State Agriculture University in India. Although the Communication Centre was created in 1970. The journey towards Communication Centre was started with the realization of need for communication for fulfillment of teaching, research and education mission of the first agricultural university. The generous grant from Ford Foundation helped in procurement of equipments, getting overseas training and providing consultant services. University remodeled one wing of the College of Agriculture as the Communication Centre and administratively reorganized some of its personnel to provide the initial staff. Subsequently, new positions were added and people were recruited to fill them. Some landmarks in the journey towards Communication Centre are as below:

  • 1961 Appointment of two artists signaled beginning of audiovisual service.

  • 1965 Appointment of oilman and procurement of utility printer represented beginning of university press.

  • 1967 Information and Publication section was started in Extension Directorate.

  • 1968 The first magazine for farmers and extension personnel “Kisan Bharti” was launched.

  • 1969 Plan to bring the communication activities of the University together under one umbrella was conceptualized in collaboration with Ford Foundation.

  • 1970 The beginning of historic unit called Communication Centre, first of its kind in the country.

  • 2014 The beginning of Community Radio Service called "Pantnagar Janvani", first in the agriculture university.

Presently Centre under its different units have well developed infrastructure and provides video production, photography services at the university level. Community Radio Service, Pantnagar Janvani, covered in periphery about 15-20 kilometers radius with twelve hours broadcast is doing commendable job.

Communication was recognized as an important input for development to disseminate and create dialogue among different stakeholders about the technologies and issues of agriculture, environment and sustainable development. G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, established a Communication Centre with the help and support from ICAR and UNDP. A humble beginning was made with establishment of radio studio and procurement of television equipments. Over the years the Centre has flowered into a full-fledged Directorate. The Directorate now has well developed infrastructure of radio programme production, video production, photography and audio visual media.

Our Mandate

  • To disseminate information for the farmers through different mass media
    The major emphasis of the existing information service of the Centre is to disseminate information through radio, television and publications. The advances made in the field of information and communication technologies call for our attention toward their application to reach the unreached

  • To provide distance learning opportunities
    Open and Distance learning provide immense scope to education in far flung areas. The premier agricultural university can not restrict itself within the campus.

  • To organize training in communication
    A vast machinery of field functionaries is engaged in development work today. This includes workers directly involved in agricultural information and communication work. These field functionaries have not fully succeeded in producing the desired results because of their out-dated approach and technique.

  • To conduct researches on communication for development
    Department in collaboration with centre Department of Agricultural Communication with centre is engaged in collaboration engaged in conducting researches in area of Development Communication.

Staff of Directorate of Communication

There exists a pool of talents and technical infra structure in the Directorate of Communication to apply them in the field. All the staff members of the Directorate of Communication are involved in different media production activities. However, the following have direct involvement:

Name Designation Photograph
Dr. S.K. Bansal Director Communication
Dr. Neelam Bhardwaj Jt. Director Communication
Shri Vivek Kumar Singh Business Manager

Staff of Directorate of Communication

  1. Shri Pankaj Singh, Assistant Account Officer
  2. Smt. Amresh, Head Assistant
  3. Km. Asha, Store Incharge
  4. Shri Yashpal Singh, T.V. Technician
  5. Shri Shyam Singh, Lab Technician (Radio)
  6. Shri K.H. Ansari, Photographer
  7. Shri Ramji, Assistant Accountant
  8. Shri Naved Zafar, Junior Assistant
  9. Mohammad Yusuf, Mail Messenger
  10. Smt. Sushila Devi, Mail Messenger
  11. Shri Harish Chandra Chandola, Cook

Our Units

Video Production Unit is well equipped with necessary facilities for production of video programmes. The unit has one editing and one recording room equipped with latest cameras and non-linear editing system for production. It produces video programmes for teaching, training and telecasting from Doordarshan Kendra, Delhi, Lucknow and Bareilly. About 8-10 educational programmes are produced every year by this unit. Besides, regular news capsules are fed to the media on topical themes. This unit also serves as a laboratory for teaching purpose for the students of M.Sc. (Agricultural Extension and Communication). The unit has involved interested students under „Earn While You Learn‟ scheme for assistance in anchoring, sound recording and editing. A monthly documentary on news and events of the campus is prepared and shown regularly on cable network. This also serves as audiovisual documentation of the University activities.

Radio Production Unit produces radio programmes relevant for farmers and extension personnel. The centre has well-equipped radio studio in which about 200 radio programmes are produced in a year for the benefit of the farmers. These programmes are being broadcast through different All India Radio Stations.

Farm School on Air Realizing the importance of radio in rural communication a programme on „Farm School on Air‟ has been launched since 2001 to provide systematic radio lessons to interested farmers on different important topics of current interest in agriculture and allied subjects. So far Farm School on AIR has been broadcast on themes likely Rice Production, Sugarcane, Organic Farming, Litchi Production, Importance of Agriculture Implements, Floriculture, Integrated Insect & Pest Management and Fisheries Production, etc.

Community Radio System (FM Radio) Pantnagar Janvani Community Radio is a powerful medium to reach the un-reached in far flung, rural areas in the hills of Uttarakhand. An innovation in development communication, community radio aims at fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the local community through information, dialogue and education. Keeping in view the Directorate approached the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India to establish a Community Radio System (F.M. Radio) at Pantnagar in order to broadcast knowledge based programmes as per the demand of the local people. After the completion of all formalities, the Community Radio Station was inaugurated on 8 August, 2011 by Vice-Chancellor Dr. B.S. Bisht. the programmes of community radio under Pantnagar Janvani, are being broadcast regularly for 12 hours a day.  (for more information please click community radio station).

Journalism Unit was started on December 30, 2004 to facilitate the media persons and improving communication about the university activities to general public and other stakeholders. This centre sends press releases related to university functions/ programmes, activities/ achievements to various Hindi and English newspapers through fax and e-mail for publication in regional and national newspapers. The Section maintains contacts with representative the mass media and assists them in coverage of university news. It also maintains up-to-date information about the University news and events.

Photography Unit produces photographs, exhibits and display materials for teaching, training, extension and other activities like kisan melas, state, national and international exhibitions and for information centers of the colleges. About 2500-3000 photographs and slides are prepared every year.

Audio-Visual and Projection Unit provides support for screening of video films for training and teaching purpose. Besides audio services, slides and overhead projection facilities are also made available by this unit for teaching, training, seminars, symposia, conferences, workshops, etc.

University Press Unit was established in the year 1960. It was necessary to establish the press within the University campus, as the place was remote and away from other cities having printing facilities. University press publishes materials related to teaching, research, extension and printing stationery related to various departments of the University.

Publication Unit disseminates useful information through print media. Two monthly magazines, Kisan Bharti and Indian Farmers' Digest are brought out every month for the farmers and extension workers both the magazines have been immensely popular only with farmers in the Country but also in neighboring countries. Besides, a variety of other print materials like leaflet, folders and technical bulletins are also published by this unit.  (for more information please click Publications).

Distance Learning Programme

The open learning system is unique and challenging mode of education offered at the university level. This system provides ample opportunities for those who desire to have university education at their place of work or residence. The university in collaboration with IGNOU has established centre at Pantnagar. Presently the Centre is running 12 UG/PG level programmes on different degree/diploma programmes since January 2008. In addition to above the University is also contemplating to start its own Open Distance Learning for the benefit of the youths, women and adults.


The Directorate has organized training courses for SAU teachers, communication experts, field workers, ICAR scientists, technical personnel and NGO workers with the support of different funding bodies like UNDP, ICAR, WB, UNICEF, etc. The directorate is in a unique position to provide communication training to teachers, trainers and development personnel in the following areas:

  • Instructional technologies
  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking
  • Development communication
  • Development reporting
  • Dynamics of rural leadership
  • NGO management
  • Training management
  • Media production and design
  • Planning & evaluation in development communication

  • Facilities available

  • The audio and video cassettes produced by us for educational purposes are available for sale to the interested clients.
  • Two monthly farm magazines viz. Kisan Bharti in Hindi and Indian Farmers' Digest in English are also available for sale.
  • We have the expertise to provide consultancy to the public, private and NGOs in planning, implementation and evaluating the programmes in development communication.
  • Radio Studio
  • Photography Lab
  • Videography Lab

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