Department of Chemistry

Dr. Om Prakash

QUALIFICATION:M.Sc. Chemistry & Ph.D.
SPECIALISATION:Organic Chemistry
CONTACT NO.:+91-9411159551, +91-8475005999 (M)

Teaching Experience and Courses Taught

Under Graduate

  • Engg. Chemistry II, BPC-162, 2(1-0-1× 3)
  • Engineering Chemistry I, BPC 102 4(3-0-11× 3)
  • Organic Chemistry, BPC-150, 3(2-0-1× 3)

  • Post Graduate (Master degree)

  • Organic Chemistry, BPC-531, 3(3-0-0)
  • General Chemistry, BPC-500, 4(3-0-1 ×3)
  • Chromatographic and Spectroscopic Techniques, BPC-614, 3(2-0-1×3)
  • Environmental Chemistry, BPC-602 3(2-0-1 ×3)
  • Spectroscopic Techniques of Analysis, BPC-639 3(2-0-11×3)
  • Heterocyclic Chemistry,BPC 632 (3(3-0-0)
  • Agricultural Chemistry I, BPC-501, 3(2-0-1×3)
  • Agricultural Chemistry II, BPC 502, 3 (2-0-1×3)
  • Preparation and identification of organic compounds, BPC 534, 2 (0-0-2×3)
  • Analytical Chemistry BPC-651 (1-0-2×3)

  • Post Graduate (Ph.D. degree)

  • Spectroscopy & Separation methods, BPC-711, 3 (3-0-0)
  • Biactive Natural Products, BPC-732, 2 (2-0-0)
  • Advanced organic Chemistry,BPC 7312(2-0-0)

  • Research Areas/ Areas of Interest

  • Natural product Chemistry/phytochemistry

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Sonali Sethi, Om Prakash and A.K. Pant (2017) Comparative Efficacy And Potency Of Various Extracts Of Rhizomes And Leaves Of Alpinia Allughas. Asian Journal of Chemistry 29(2), 341-345.

    2. H. Punetha, H. Sagar, S. Panwar, U. Pant and Om Prakash (2017) Study On Phytochemicals And Antioxidative Capacity Ofselected Genotypes Of Brassica Juncea, Research in Environment and Life Sciences 10(4) 373-377.

    3. Aparna Gayan, Sonali Sethi, Om Prakash and A.K. Pant (2017) Novel Biotransformation Of Menthone By Microbial Strains And Vermicompost Microbial Consortium. Journal of Scientific Agriculture.1:204-208,doi:10.25081/jsa.

    4. Poonam Papola, H. Punetha and Om Prakash (2017) Antioxidative Potential Of Defatted Meal From Exotic Collections Of Indian Mustard (Brassica Juncea). Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 8(2): 437-443.

    5. Jyotsna Dhanik, Ankita Verma, Neelam Arya, Om Prakash, Vivekanand (2017). Chemical Profiling And Antibacterial Efficacy Of Different Ginger Accessions From Uttarakhand, India, Asian Journal of Chemistry 29(10) 2123-2128.

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    Book Chapters

  • S. Sethi, M. Chandra, Om Prakash and A.K. Pant (2012) Phytochemical analysis and in vitro antioxidant activity of essential oils and methanolic extracts of Ocimumspp.( Indian basils) growing in Uttarakhand regions of central Himalaya.Traditional and Folk Herbal Medicine Recent Researches Vol. 1, 365–389. Daya Publishing House, New Delhi

  • Sonali Sethi, Om Prakash, M. Chandra, H.,Punetha,, A.K. Pant and D.S. Rawat, (2016). A review on phytochemical composition and different biological activities of Alpinia spp. (Zingiberaceae), Natural products research reviews, Daya Publishing House, New Delhi Vol.4.203-223.

  • Prakash, O., Chandra, M., Punetha, H., Pant, A.K, Rawat, D.S, (2016). Spiked Ginger Lily (Hedychium spp.) Oils. In: Preedy, V.R. (Ed.), Essential Oils in Food Preservation, Flavor and Safety. Academic Press, 737–750. ISBN: 9780124166417

  • Prakash, O., Chandra, M., Pant, A., Rawat, D.,(2016). Mint (Mentha spicata L.) Oils.In: Preedy, V.R. (Ed.), Essential Oils in Food Preservation, Flavor and Safety. Academic Press, 561–572. ISBN: 9780124166417,Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc

  • Randeep Kumar, Chandini, Ravendra Kumar, Om Prakash. 2018 Retrospects on synthetic pesticides use in agriculture,AkiNiK Publications, Delhi pp-97-117, ISBN; 978-96-88112-88-8

  • Chandini, Randeep Kumar, Ravendra Kumar, Om Prakash(2019) The Impact of Chemical Fertilizers on our Environment and Ecosystem ,2 ,69-86, Akinik Publisher

  • Ankur Adhikari, Himanshu Punetha and Om Prakash (2021) Status, cultivation and usages of Indian Mustard: An overview 33-77,Nova publication

  • Randeep Kumar, Chandini, Ravendra Kumar, Om Prakash, Rakesh Kumar, and A. K. Pant (2021) Chemical Signal Dissemination Through Infochemicals:Microbial Metatranscriptomics Belowground,90-108 Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2021

  • Himani, Sonu Kumar Mahawer, Sushila Arya, Ravendra Kumar, and Om Prakash. "Essential Oil: Source of antioxidants and role in food preservation." In Essential Oils: Applications and Trends in Food Science and Technology, pp. 173-189. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2022.

  • Arya, Sushila, Ravendra Kumar, Om Prakash, Avneesh Rawat, and A. K. Pant. "Impact of insecticides on soil and environment and their management strategies." In Agrochemicals in Soil and Environment: Impacts and Remediation, pp. 213-230. Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore, 2022.

  • Mahawer, Sonu Kumar, Sushila Arya Himani, Ravendra Kumar, and Om Prakash."Extractions Methods and Biological Applications of Essential Oils." Essential Oils: Advances in Extractions and Biological Applications (2022): 3.

  • Mahawer, Sonu Kumar, Sushila Arya, Tanuja Kabdal, Ravendra Kumar, Om Prakash, Manoj Kumar Chitara, and Puspendra Koli. "Plant defense systems: mechanism of self-protection by plants against pathogens." Plant Protection: From Chemicals to Biologicals (2022): 115.

  • Himani, Pringal Upadhyay, Sonu Kumar Mahawer, Ravendra Kumar, and Om Prakash. "Plant protection through agrochemicals and its consequences." Plant Protection: From Chemicals to Biologicals (2022): 25.

  • Karakoti, Himani, Sonu Kumar Mahawer, Tanuja Kabdal, Ravendra Kumar, and Om Prakash. "Alkaloids as Botanical Pesticides for Plants Protection." (2023).

  • Mahawer, Sonu Kumar, Sushila Arya, Tanuja Kabdal, Ravendra Kumar, and Om Prakash. "Phytochemicals: Potential Source of Interventions in Cancer Prevention and Treatment." In Natural Products and Nano-Formulations in Cancer Chemoprevention, pp. 97-108. CRC Press, 2023.

  • Honors/Awards/Professional Achievements

  • Young Scientist Award in 2006 by UCOST in First Uttaranchal State Science Congress held at Dehradun
  • IASc – NASI-INSA Summer Research Teacher Fellowship 2007 at IISc- Bangalore, Karnataka
  • UGC Post Doctoral Research Fellowship 2009-2011
  • Excellence in Research Award (2023) in the field of Natural product by Scientific Educational research Society, Meerut , India on the occasion of VIII International Conference on Innovative Approacches in Basic and Applied Sciences for Societal Development(iAbAsSD 2023) during 24-25, March at College of Basic Sciences & Humanities, G.B.P.U.A. & T., Pantnagar,U.S.Nagar, Uttarakhand,India

  • Other Information

  • Acted as Associate/Additional Director of Admistration and Monitoring for about three years from 1/07/2014 – 22/12/2016
  • Staff counselor CBSH 2022-2023

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