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Department of Agrometeorology

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  • Dr. R.K. Singh
  • Head,
  • Department of Agrometeorology,
  • College of Agriculture

  • Contacts
  • Phone: 9411142810
  • E-mail: rajksingh19[at]

Department of Agrometeorology

The department of Agrometeorology came in to existence in the year 2000 after the bifurcation of Soil Science Department. Until the inception of department, teaching research and extension activities in Agrometeorology were carried out within the Department of Soil Science. The M. Sc. Programme in Agrometeorology was initiated in 1995, while Ph. D. programme was started in 2000. Research thrust in Agrometeorology includes Climatic characterization of Uttarakhand, application of weather driven dynamic crop growth and yield simulation models for various crops, crop-weather relationships, weather-crop-insects/disease interactions, climate changes and its effects on crop productivity, evapotranspiration, suitability analysis using Remote Sensing and GIS etc.

Department is imparting education to UG and PG students related to application of meteorology in Agriculture. Department is continuously taking up research projects related to Agrometeorology, Remote Sensing and GIS for devising the methodologies/techniques for sustainable Agriculture production and precision crop management. The main moto of the department is to encourage the weather based responsive farming in Uttarakhand state to maximize the production and to protect the environment from different Hazards.


To develop department of Agrometeorology as a Center of Excellence for imparting quality education and conducting cutting edge research in the field of crop-weather interaction, pests/diseases weather interaction, climate change, its impact on agriculture and mitigation measures, geospatial technologies and their uses in agriculture and sustainable natural resources management.
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Degrees Offered

  • M.Sc. Ag. (Agrometeorology)
  • Ph.D. (Agrometeorology)

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