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Department of Food Science and Technology

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  • Dr. S.K. Sharma
  • Head,
  • Department of Food Science and Technology,
  • College of Agriculture

  • Contacts
  • Phone: 05944-233074(O), 9412962535(M)
  • E-mail: sksharmajee[at]gmail

About Us

Department of Food Science and Technology is one of the oldest department in the country. It was carved out of Animal Science Department in 1971 as Department of Dairy Technology and was later named as Department of Food Science and Technology in 1973. Then Fruit Processing Plant located at Haldi was remodeled as Food Research Lab with various equipments. Currently, Food Processing Centre of the department has been registered with FSSAI and is being used to prepare several products by the students.

It started M.Sc., Ph.D. and B.Sc. (Food Technology) programmes in the year 1975, 1983 and 2006, respectively. This department is well known for its pioneer work in the field of soybean processing and utilization. So far, 46 Ph. D., 278 M. Sc and 67 B. Sc. (Food Technology) students have completed their degree from this department. Ex- students of this department are occupying very senior positions in academics as well as in food industries.


To become a leading destination for students pursuing education and research in Food Science and Technology.


Sustenance and prosperity through food science and technology.


To generate best scientific and technical brains in food science and technology for Academia, Industry and Government.


Teaching, research & extension education in the area of Food Science and Technology with major emphasis on field &, horticultural crops & dairy products including their postharvest management, processing, value addition and waste utilization.

Degrees Offered

  • B.Sc. (Food Technology) - 24 seats
  • M.Sc. (Food Technology) - 04 seats
  • Ph.D. (Food Technology)

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    Facilities: The department has following well developed facilities:

  • Faculty Rooms - 08
  • Office rooms - 01
  • Store - 01
  • Computer Facility - 08 Computers with internet facility
  • Departmental Library - 01
  • Lecture Rooms - 04
  • Student’s Training Dairy Processing Plant - 01
  • Processing Hall (also includes O/I Room, Boiler room, Store, Extruder Room)
  • Laboratories
    1. Chemistry Lab
    2. Food Microbiology Lab including Plating, Incubation & Washing rooms
    3. UG Lab
    4. PG Lab
    5. Research Lab
  • AQCL Lab:
    1. Table-top Ultra-Filteration Unit
    2. Water Activity Meter
    3. AAS Unit
    4. Microwave Oven
    5. Kjeltec System
    6. Texture Analyzer
    7. Solvent Fat Extraction Unit
    8. Spectrophotometer
    9. Vacuum packaging machine

    Food processing Centre, Department of Food Science & Technology was granted FSSAI Registration No. (FSSAI certificate No. 22616072000061) since 2016.

    Faculty awards/ honours:

    1. Dr. S.K. Sharma was awarded with the Faculty Excellence Award (2016).
    2. Dr. Gurmukh Singh, Professor & Head, was nominated as a member of Board of Studies of Food Technology Chaudhary Devi Lal University, SIRSA (Haryana) in 2010.
    3. Dr. Gurmukh Singh, Professor & Head was nominated as a member of Board of Life Science Research in DRD Ministry of Defence in 2010 .
    4. Dr Gurmukh singh was awarded Bharat Jyoti award by Indian International Friendship Society on May 25, 2010
    5. Dr. S.K. Sharma was honoured with Kejeriwal Award (2002) by All Food Processors’ Association, New Delhi
    6. Dr. S.K. Sharma was honoured with Dr J S Pruthi Award (2005) by All Food Processors’ Association, New Delhi
    7. Dr. S.K. Sharma was awarded with Post Doctoral Fellowship by University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (South African Chair on Postharvest Technology) Awarded but not availed
    8. Dr. S.K. Sharma was honoured with Young Scientist Award (2010) by Indian Society of Hill Agriculture
    9. Dr. S.K. Sharma was honoured with Founder Fellow Award (2010) by Indian Society of Hill Agriculture
    10. Dr. S.K. Sharma won Best Paper Award (2010) by Indian Society of Hill Agriculture
    11. Dr. S.K. Sharma was honoured with Young Achiever Award (2012) by Society for Development of Human and Nature, Solan H.P.
    12. Dr. S.K. Sharma was honoured with Faculty Excellence Award (2013) by College of Agriculture, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
    13. Dr. C.S. Chopra was honoured with Good Teacher Award for the year 2013-14.

    Student awards/achievement

    1. Vice-Chancellor’s Gold Medal for B.Sc. Food Tech. programme-2016 was awarded to Km. Neha Rawat (Id. No. 43916, OGPA: 8.677)
    2. Vice-Chancellor’s Silver Medal for B.Sc. Food Tech. programme-2016 was awarded to Km. Sukirti (Id. No. 43924, OGPA: 8.272)
    3. Vice-Chancellor’s Bronze Medal for B.Sc. Food Tech. programme-2016 was awarded to Km. Ritu Joshi (Id. No.43914, OGPA: 8.138)
    4. Ms. Divya Rore a student of B.Sc. (Food Tech) student got placement in in M/s Ravi Food products in Bangalore as a Production Executive in 2014.
    5. Km. Divya Choudhary (Id No. 44771) was honoured with Italian Technical Services Award (Silver Medal and Certificate) -2015 for Excellence performance in Course studies presented by All India Food Processor Association.
    6. Mr. Pintu Chowdhary a student of B.Sc. (Food Tech) qualified Gate-2014
    7. Mr. Beena Joshi a student of B.Sc. (Food Tech) was awarded with Food Safety award-2013 by the All India Food Processers Association and Italian Technical Services for excellence in academics.
    8. Ms. Divya Goswami, Mr. Himanshu, Mr. Mukesh Belwal and Mr. Pintu Chowdhary, students of B.Sc. (Food Tech) secured 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th rank in ICAR JRF in 2013-14
    9. Mr. Alok Kumar a student of B.Sc. (Food Tech) was selected for admission in M.Sc. (Food Tech) in CFTR I, Mysore in 2013.

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    Priorities :

  • Exploration of new methods for shelf life extension of perishables (milk, fruits, vegetables and their products)
  • Extraction of bioactives from foodgrains, horticultural crops, medicinal plants etc.
  • Development of new processed food products with enhanced functionality and use
  • Development of new approaches for utilization of underutilized produce and food wastes
  • Fine tuning of food processing technological solutions for changing food habits, consumer demands, availability and types of ingredients, foods for specific health use

  • Ongoing Project

  • ”Testing of Bioefficacy of 1 Methyl Cyclopropene on apples as post harvest treatment under Indian conditions” from M/s Tropical Agrosystem (India) Pvt. Ltd by Dr. S.K. Sharma.

  • Projects completed in last five years :

    Project Title Funding Agency PI Duration
    Evaluation of Ice Battery System to be supplied by ITE Co. Ltd. for microbiological quality of raw milk during storage --- Dr. Anil Kumar ---
    Screening of fruit and vegetables varieties/ germplasm for direct consumption and production of value added processed products GBPUA&T, Pantnagar Dr. C.S. Chopra 2012-13

    Ongoing Extension Activities:

  • Preparation and exhibition of Model by the Students and the Faculty in Farmers Fair held in Oct’ 2015, Mar’ 2016, Oct’ 2016, Mar’ 2017 and Oct’2017.
  • Participation of faculty of the department in Kisan Gosthi
  • Exhibition of departmental technologies in Information Centre (College of Agriculture) and Kisan Mela.
  • Technical know-how and training to farmers and civil society about the processing of various food products and food adulteration.
  • Technical guidance and free consultancy to the industries/entrepreneurs.
  • Consultancy to farmers and interested people for any query pertaining to food processing
  • Extension talks and Practical demonstration of technology concerning processing and preservation of different types of produce in various Training Programmes organized by the Directorate of Extension Education, GBPUAT, Pantnagar from time to time

  • Seminar/Workshop/Training/Symposium

  • Department organized a Training Programme on Processing of Fruits and Vegetables on January 8-10, 2010 for eight officials of District Horticulture Officer, Bageshwar.
  • Conducted a Training Programme on Preservation and Value Addition of Local Food Products for Farmers of ADP World Vision, Kotdwar, Uttarakhand, 31.08.2009-02.09.2009.

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