Department of Food Science & Technology

Dr. Sweta Rai

DESIGNATION:Assistant Professor
QUALIFICATION:Ph.D. (Food Technology)
SPECIALISATION:Cereals pulses & oil seeds, Bakery & Confectionery products and packaging of food products
CONTACT NO.:+91-9258058716

Research Areas/Areas of interest

  • Development of gluten free products.
  • Utilization and value addition of nutri-cereals.
  • Process up-gradation and value addition of pulses and oilseeds.
  • Extraction of bioactive compounds in food grains.
  • Development of new healthy and nutritious bakery products.
  • Designing the packaging as alternative methods of food processing for enhancing the shelf life.

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Rai S, Kaur A and Singh B (2014): Quality characteristics of gluten free cookies prepared from different flour combinations. Journal of food science and technology, 51 (4), 785-789,

    2. Rai S, Kaur A Singh B and Minhas KS (2012): Quality characteristics of bread produced from wheat, rice and maize flours. Journal of food science and technology, 49 (6), 786-789

    3. Rai S, Kaur A and Chopra CS (2018): Gluten-Free Products for Celiac Susceptible People. Frontiers in Nutrition (

    4. Chaudhary R, Rai S, Sailo L, Farooq UB, Singh A, Naha B C, Kumar A (2017): Genetic and Non-Genetic Factors Influencing Fatty Acid Composition of Dairy Milk: A Review. Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition 34 (1), 1-12.

    5. Sharma D, Yadav AS, Rai S, Beura CK and Prasad N (2013): Effect of guar gum and gum arabic addition on functional properties on the quality characteristics of chicken nuggets. Indian Journal of Poultry Science 48 (1), 58-62

    6. Rai S and Kaur A (2017): Preparation and evaluation of Gluten free Flat Breads. Contemporary Research in India 4 (7), 1-6.

    7. Rai RB, Dhama K, Damodaran T, Ali H, Rai S, Singh B and P Bhatt (2012): Evaluation of Azolla (Azolla pinnata) as a poultry feed and its role in poverty alleviation among landless people in northern plains of India. Veterinary Practitioner 782 (10.8), 1270-1279.

    8. Rai RB, Rahman S, Dixit H, Rai S, Singh B, Kumar H and Damodaran T (2011): Analysis of feed ingredients for Afla and T-2 mycotoxins by ELISA in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology 35 (2), 238-240.

    9. Rai S, Goyal GK and Rai GK (2008): Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and storage on the chemical quality of paneer. Journal of Dairying, Foods and Home Sciences/ Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research 27 (1), 33-37.

    10. Srivastava D, Rai S and Goyal GK (2011): Effect of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and storage on the microbiological quality of paneer. Dairy Foods International 1 (1), 59-62

    Students Guided

  • UG: 20
  • PG: 03
  • PhD: Nil

  • Other Information

  • Letter of appreciations from Vice- Chancellor (2016)
  • Member of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  • Member of College Academic Committee (CAC)
  • Warden, Kasturba Bhawan
  • Worked as Assistant Co-Coordinator, B.Sc. Food Technology Programme
  • In-charge of Nutri Grain & bakery, Confectionery and Functional Food

  • Activities

    Parle-G visit with UG students

    NDRI, Karnal visit with UG, PG and Ph.D students

    Appreciation on the occasion of World Food Day