Department of Computer Engineering

Dr. Rajeev Singh

SPECIALISATION:Computer Engineering (Network Security)
CONTACT NO.:+91-7055621242
Selected Research Publications

  1. Pradeep Giri, Paras, Rajeev Singh, “A Human Intervened CAPTCHA (HI-CAPTCHA) for Wireless LAN based classroom applications,” In proceedings International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICETEST-2018), GEC, Thrissur (Kerala), Jan 18-20, 2018.

  2. Rajeev Singh and T.P. Sharma, “A Location Based Method for Restricting the Flooding DoS Effect in WLANs,” Taylor and Francis Journal of Location Based Services, 2016, 9(4): 273-295.

  3. Rajeev Singh and T.P. Sharma, “On the IEEE 802.11i Security: A Denial of Service Perspective,” Wiley Journal of Security and Communication Networks, 2015, 8(7):1378-1407.

  4. Rajeev Singh and T.P. Sharma, “A Key Hiding Communication Scheme for Enhancing the Wireless LAN Security,” Springer Wireless Personal Communications, 2014, 77(2):1145-1165.

  5. Rajeev Singh and T.P. Sharma, “Simulated analysis of a cryptographic solution for WLANs against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks,” Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 2014, Special Issue, 57-67.

Book Chapters

Book Chapter

  • Rajeev Singh and T.P. Sharma, “Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computational DoS Attack on an Access Point in Wireless LANs” in Book - Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Science and Engineering, Editors: Mangey Ram and Joao Paulo Davim, Pages: 101 - 120, 2018, Publishers: River Publishers.