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All Students are required to live in 23 hostels including 11 hostels for female students and one for married students with separate arrangements for post-graduate and undergraduate students. The Chief Warden / Dean Student Welfare may exempt students from living in the hostel with the permission of Vice-Chancellor or taking food in the hostel cafeteria under certain circumstances. There is a common room with a colored T.V., with cable facility, internet, music room, indoor games room and a library having selected books, magazines and news paper etc., besides courts for Volley Ball, Badminton, Basket Ball and Table Tennis in all the hostels. The hostel cafeteria is equipped with refrigerator, water cooler and utensils in adequate quantity. Each hostel Cafeteria is run and managed by the students on cooperative basis. The students are required to vacate the hostel rooms in the summer vacations to facilitate annual repairs and white washing etc. All students residing in the hostel are to abide by hostel and cafeteria regulations/ rules. Every hostel has one P&T telephone with incoming facility.

During the formal functions the students are expected to wear white shirts, white pants during the summer and University blazer (Bottle green colour) with tie during the winter. During tournaments and competitions, the students are expected to be in the proper kit.

Name of Hostel Name of Warden Contact No. E-mail Total Capacity in Hostel
Girls's Hostel
Ambedkar Bhawan Dr. Sonika Chauhan 8077812389 64
Gandhi Bhawan Dr. Vineeta Rathore 9412943549 260
Gangotri Bhawan Dr. Mansi 8938943870 146
Golden Jubliee Bhawan Dr. Ruchi Rani Gangwar 7055621238 250
Kasturba Bhawan Dr. Sweta Rai 9258058716 163
Mandakini Bhawan - I Dr. Geeta Pathak 9713948559 228
Mandakini Bhawan - II Dr. Geeta Pathak 9713948559 140
Sarojini Bhawan Dr. Rashmi Panwar 9410983994, 6398284141 261
Subhash Bhawan Dr. Anju Pal 7060212605 214
Yamunotri Bhawan Dr. Neetu Dobhal 9456525967 136
Saraswati Bhawan Dr. Sonika Chauhan 8077812389 200
Boy's Hostel
Chitranjan Bhawan -I Dr. S.K. Maurya 9411159800 220
Chitranjan Bhawan -II Dr. A.K. Tripathi 7500241544 220
Meenakshi Bhawan Dr. Anoop Sachan 8475008886 56
Nehru Bhawan Dr. Sunil Kumar 7055241539 198
Pant Bhawan Dr. Aman Kamboj 9528387716 213
Patel Bhawan Dr. Yogendra Kumar Singh 9456610862 300
Shashtri Bhawan Dr. Virendra Singh 8475001587 142
Shivalik Bhawan Dr. Rajeev Ranjan 8475002232 252
Silver Jubilee Bhawan Dr. Shri Prakash Dwivedi 7055241548 260
Tagore Bhawan Dr. Subhodh Kumar 9917391460 300
Vishvesharya Bhawan Dr. A.K. Pratihar 8057710777 255
Vivekananad Bhawan Dr. Mahendra Singh Pal 9457407465, 7579177380 28


Facilities available at the University for games and sports

The University lays great emphasis on the role of games and sports to keep the students physically efficient, mentally sound and socially well behaved. These activities are organized through the following 16 games and sports clubs under over all supervision of Dean Student Welfare and Incharge Physical Education.

  • Athletics (M&W)
  • Badminton (M&W)
  • Basketball (M&W)
  • Cricket (M&W)
  • Football (M)
  • Indoor Games (M&W)
  • Hockey (M)
  • Squash (M)
  • Kabaddi (M&W)
  • Tennis (M)
  • Kho-Kho (M&W)
  • Table Tennis (M&W)
  • Wrestling (M)
  • Volleyball (M&W)
  • Yoga Exercise (M&W)
  • W.L./P.L. & Best Physique (M)

The University provides sufficient games and sports materials to all the hostels as well as to the University teams at central ground.

(a) At Hostel Level

  • Play ground for field games
  • Cemented Basketball Courts
  • Cemented Badminton Courts
  • Cricket Pitches
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Facilities for Indoor Games (Table Tennis, Chess & Carrom)

  • (b) At Central Level

  • Stadium with standard cinder track and equipped with adequate facilities for athletic events sufficient space for spectators.
  • Gymnasium Hall with Indoor wooden floor Badminton court
  • Table Tennis hall with anti–slipper floor
  • Four multipurpose ground for Hockey, Football and Cricket
  • Two cemented and One turf Cricket pitches
  • Two cemented Basketball courts
  • Four Volleyball courts
  • Two cemented Tennis courts
  • Billiards
  • Multipurpose Indoor Sports Complex
  • Building of Two Squash court

  • The students get ample opportunities for health competition in the form of Inter-Wing tournaments, Inter-batch tournament, Open University Championship and Inter-Hostel tournaments. These tournaments/ Championships also provide a basis for the selection of University teams, which are allowed to participate in Inter-Varsity competitions. At present, 16 games and sports clubs are functioning in the University. University has introduced six sports scholarships worth Rs. 800/- per student per month. Playing Kits and Track Suits are given to University Team Members at a subsidy of 50% and free of cost to medalist in Inter University Competitions.

    Staff of Physical Education: Click Here

    Staff Counsellor of Games & Sports for the year 2021-22: Click Here

    Annual report for the year 2021-22: Click Here

    Student Achievement in Sports Activity for the year 2021-22: Click Here


    Extra Curricular Activities & Student Welfare


    College of Technology to celebrate Diamond Jubilee Celebrations organized a University Level Debate Competition on 3-4 December 2022 at PCT Conference Hall.

    The Branch Chapters

  • were assigned the task of coordinating the event. Students from all the colleges in the University participated in the debate competition. The debate was conducted in both English and Hindi. The topics for the debate were
  • Will Genetic Engineering permanently change our society?
  • Is UPI beneficial?

  • Each speaker was allotted time of 4 minutes to present their views and rebuttal round was allotted 1 minute with no cross questioning allowed. The speaker was open to be questioned by all.

    The special guests invited for the debate were Dr. Neeraj Bisht, Staff Counselor, Engineering and Technology Society and Dr. Sanjeev Suman, Staff Counselor, NIRMAAN.

    The English debate was held on 3 December 2022.The jury panel were Dr. A.K. Pratihar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Shikha Goswami, Department of Information Technology, Dr. Sanjeev Suman, Department of Civil Engineering and Dr. Abhishek Yadav, Department of Electrical Engineering. There were 2 rounds held for each topic. 9 students each spoke for the motion and against the motion on the topic “Is UPI really beneficial?” and 8 spoke for the motion and 7 against the motion on the topic “Will Genetic Engineering permanently change our society?”

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    On the occasion of Diamond jubilee Celebration (65th anniversary) of Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, the Computer Engineering Department organised two events namely The Gamers League and Technovation, a technical quiz and coding competition.

    TECHNOVATION, a technical quiz and coding competition. The first round was the preliminary round where participants were tested based on their general aptitude, logical reasoning and basics of programming and the second round was a coding round.

    GAMER'S LEAGUE, was a fun gaming event that consisted of 2 exciting games namely, Counter Strike- Global Offensive and Tekken 3. On 26th November at 3pm, the event was inaugurated by Dr. Devendra Kumar, Dr. P.S. Mehar, Dr Ajeet Kumar, Dr. Vinod Baliyaan, by cutting the ribbon, which filled the atmosphere with zest and enthusiasm.

    These events were organized on two consecutive days, i.e. 26th and 27th of November 2022. Yash Rastogi,Computer Engineering(3rd year) secured first position, Rahul Kumaiya,Information technology (2nd year) was second while Yash Karakoti,Computer Engineering(3rd year) was third in Technovation.

    The finalists of Tekken were Vikas Mehra and Divyanshu Semwal and they had a very intense match in which Vikas Mehra was the winner. The finals of Counter Strike Global Offensive was between the teams, One MS and Fast Fraggers in which One MS emerged out as the winner.

    At the end of the event the Head of Department, Dr. S.D Samantharay, Staff Counsellor of Interface Dr. P.K Mishra presented the award to the winners.

    Events Organized By Branch Chapter Of Information Technology On 26th & 27th Of November 2022

    On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of College of Technology, GBPUAT, Pantnagar; PLEXUS, the Branch Chapter of the Department of Information Technology successfully organised two events. Viz. Hackathon: The Technical Quiz, and, e-Battleground: The Online Gaming Event. These events were organized on the 26th and 27th of November 2022 in the Department of Information Technology, College of Technology, GBPUAT, Pantnagar. These events were planned and executed under the supervision of Dr. Subodh Prasad, Assistant Professor ITD as well as staff counsellor ITD, and Head ITD Nomi. Dr. Ajit Kumar. These event has been successful only with the guidance of the our Honourable Dean Madam, Prof. (Dr.) Alaknanda Ashok.

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    Student Achievements

    Social & Cultural Events

    Junkyard Event

    Liberal Education

    Liberal Education programme/activities aims at the overall physical and mental development of the students and provid them opportunities to inculcate confidence and maturity among themselves. It also aims in development of specific talents and in giving opportunities to learn other national and foreign languages.

    All Programmes running under Liberal Education are non-gradial. The programmes are French, German, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil Languages, Personality Development, Physical Fitness and Yoga (For Boys and Girls separately), Education in Human Values Programme, Music & Dance, Drawing and Art and Painting, Dynamic parenting.

    List of Courses offered and Staff Counsellor of the programme under Liberal Education

    National Service Scheme

    In the National Service Scheme, each student participates to earn two credits during his degree programme either by attending a 10days special camp organized in the adopted colony and completing 240 hours in two years in regular activities. This work is supervised by Coordinator, N.S.S. Students are required to work in villages under this scheme.

    Garbage Disposal by NSS students

    Tree plantation by NSS students

    National Cadet Corps (NCC)

    N.C.C. was established in one company of National cadet corps is being run on the campus. Those registering for N.C.C. have to do it continuously for two semesters to earn N.C.C. ‘B’ certificates. A NCC ‘Remount Veterinary Core’ is established in 2003-2004 for the students of the College of Veterinary Medicines & Animal Science. A N.C.C. Air wing is also established recently in 2004-2005 for exposure of University students.


    1 UK Air Sqn. NCC was raised at Pantnagar in 2008 as the first air squadron in the (UK) Uttarakhand Directorate. The main office is located at the Stevenson Stadium GBPUA&T, Pantnagar with a technical office subordinate to it located at Aeromodelling section, Pantnagar.

    The commanding officer, Group Captain A.K. Chauhan and Wing Commander N.S. Pawar has been playing the role of a guiding institution and provides vision for execution of motto of NCC "UNITY AND DISCIPLINE" with the present responsibility on the shoulders of Wing commander N.S. Pawar with support of a Posted Instructional (PI) Staff which provides training to cadets .

    GBPUA&T Pantnagar - Sub-unit

    G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar is a sub-unit of 1 UK Air Sqn. NCC.

    The Students from the colleges in the University are enrolled in the unit has a strength of 100 cadets who are given NCC training under the guidance of Dr. Ajeet Pratap Singh, Caretaker officer (CTO) of the sub-unit.

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    SPIC MACAY, Pantnagar Chapter

    SPIC MACAY stands for Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth. This society was initially founded by Dr. Kiran Seth, a Padma Shri awardee and a professor at IIT Delhi. We intend to enrich the quality of education by increasing awareness about Indian heritage and culture, particularly among the youths of the nation. It focuses on imbibing the values associated. With the hope that the beauty, grace, values, and wisdom embodied in these arts will influence one's way of life and thinking and inspire them to become a better human being, the society seeks to inspire youth by exposing them to the mysticism contained in the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of Indian and World Heritage.


    The SPIC MACAY Pantnagar Chapter was registered on 24th January 1980 at Pantnagar University. The society is operated under a professor-student union headed by staff counsellor Dr. S.K. Guru, professor and head crop physiology department, College of Basic sciences and humanities and Coordinator SPIC MACAY Pantnagar Chapter Dr. Anuj Tewari, assistant professor, veterinary microbiology, C.V.A.Sc. An approximate of hundred student volunteers from various colleges and different academic and cultural backgrounds come under the umbrella of Spic Macay, working together to make the programs a huge success under the leadership of president Mr. Rahul Kharkhwal, final year College of Basic sciences and humanities and more volunteers like Mr.Ashu Sharma, College of technology, Miss Ishita Mehta, college of fisheries, Miss Chitra Joshi, college of agriculture, Miss Tamanna, college of home science, Miss Vaishali, college of veterinary and animal sciences aligning with more volunteers from varying colleges of different years.

    Every year we organize various programs with the objective of boosting the Indian culture and its legacy. Some of the events organized in the previous years are Parampara, the Heritage fair which aims at promoting the local culture through annual stalls set up at Kisan Mela, Pantnagar. Local vendors and artisans are given the opportunity to make the youths aware of their traditions through the products they sell and their folk tales. Prastuti, the artistic evening witnesses great performers and Padma Shri awardee artists from all over the country, gracing the stage with their presence. In previous years our society hosted M.F. Hussain, Dr. Malbika Mitra, and Padma Shree Smt. Ranjana Gauhar among other distinguished guests. The society also hosts Dharohar, a national-level literary and cultural fest comprising of various events like vaividhya the open air event, parivesh the ethnic ramp show, jhanak the dance competition, antarbodh the debate competition, raga the music competition etc receiving hundreds of students from the University and the other parts of the nation as well.