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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. V. S. Rajora

SPECIALISATION:Veterinary Medicine
EMAIL:drvsrajora[at]gmail[dot]com, vmdpgr[at]gmail[dot]com
CONTACT NO.:9412120635

Area of Interest:

  • Ruminant/ Canine and Feline Medicine

  • Completed Research Projects:

      • Prevention of calf mortality in dairy animals. (UPDASP/ UPCAR)
      • Development of filed diagnostics for post parturient lactational syndrome. {NATP (ICAR)}
      • Use of millipede as antifever remedy for cattle. {VPKAS (NATP)}
      • Development of standardized herbal product for bovine mastitis (DBT)

      • Studies on metabolic profiles in production diseases
      • Profile studies of dermatological disorders in pets
      • Management of calf mortality in dairy animals
      • Studies on the effect of preparturient immunization of the dams on the resistance of offsprings
      • Screening & control of mastitis at IDF
      • Studies on clinic-pathological and therapeutic management of indigestion in buffaloes.

    Selected Research Publications

    1. Kumar, Tarun; Rajora, V.S.; Arora, Niddhi; Prakash Anand and Shukla, S.K. 2017. Isolation and characterization of Salmonella bacteriophage from poultry and pig sewage wastes. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences. 87 (5): 562-567.

    2. Rajora, V.S. and Pachauri, S.P. 2000. Laboratory assessment as an aid in rehydration therapy. Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine. 20:18-20

    3. Rajora, V. S. and Pachauri, S. P. 1998. Monitoring of mineral profile in a cross bred herd. Indian Journal of Animal Science 68: 251-253.

    4. Rajora, V.S.; Pachauri, S.P. and Gupta, G.C. 1997. Blood profiles in dairy animals of different lactations and productivity. Indian Journal of Dairy Science. 50: 388-392.

    5. Rajora, V. S.; Pachauri, S. P.; Gupta, G. C. and Upadhyay, A. K. 1995. Use of iron preparation in anemia associated anorexia in dairy cattle. Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine. 15: 1-4.

    6. Rajora, V. S. and Pachauri, S. P. 1994. Blood profile evaluation in crossbred cows under different stages of lactation and gestation. Indian Journal of Animal Science. 64: 1351-1353.

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