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Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding

Dr. S.S. Verma

SPECIALISATION:Genetics and Plant Breeding
CONTACT NO.:9412120691

Research Area/ Area of Interest

  • Maize breeding and seed production

  • Research Projects

    1. AICRP-Maize(Code-124)

    Selected Research Publications

    1. Aditya, J.P., Verma, S.S., Bhartiya, A. and Kar, CS. 2010. Genetic analysis of important characters in quality protein maize composite at two plant densities. Crop Improvement 37 (1): 13-20

    2. Agrawal, Parag; Verma, S. S. and Mishra, S. N. 2000. Phenotypic stability for different quantitative traits in maize hybrids. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research.34 (2): pp 107- 111.

    3. Ashaish Narayan and Verma, Sitar Singh. 2007. Phenotypic stability for yield and othercharacters in quality protein maize (Zea mays L.). Pantnagar Journal of Research, 5(2):77-81.

    4. Mishra, Priyanka and Verma, S.S, 2014. Estimation of components of variances for yield and its components in an open-pollinated maize composite, DQPMC-4(W). International Journal of Basis and Applied Agricultural Research. Vol. 12(1), January-April, 2014, pp 35-40.

    5. Devi EL, Verma SS, Kumar S and Singh NK. 2016. Genetic variability studies for yield and contributing traits under two plant densities and molecular diversity analysis in maize (Zea mays L). Maydica, 60(37): 1-11.

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