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Department of Soil Science

Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi

QUALIFICATION:Ph.D (Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry)
SPECIALISATION:Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Management
CONTACT NO.:8192838384 (M)

Research projects

  • Co.P.I., All India Coordinated Research Project On Agroforestry, funded by ICAR

  • Research areas/areas of interest

  • Synthesis of Nano-particles of Micronutrients (Fe,Mn,Cu,ZnAu,Ag,TiO), chemical characterization and their use efficiency by crops.
  • Development and Fabrication of cow dung pots as a substitute of polythene bags for raising nursery plants to save soil pollution and and uplift the economic status of rural society.

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Dwivedi, G.K., Dwivedi, M., Nautiyal, M.C. and Sah, V.K. 1998. Land degradation Assessment of soil sensitivity, sediment and nutrient losses from watershed in central Himalaya. International J. Ecol. and Environ. Sci. 24:37-47.

    2. Dwivedi, G. K. 1996. Tolerance of some crops to soil acidity and response to liming. J. Indian Soc. Soil Sci. 44(4):736-741.

    3. Dwivedi, G. K. 1993. Effectiveness of partially acidulated products of Lalit-pur and Mussoorie rockphosphates on an acid inceptisol of Garhwal Himalaya. J.Indian Soc. Soil Sci. 41(2):298-303.

    4. Dwivedi, G.K. and Dwivedi, M. 1992. Efficiency of Lalitpur rockphosphate for fingermillet- wheat and barnyard- millet-wheat sequence in acid soil of Garhwal Himalaya. J. Indian Soc. Soil Scie. 40(4):773-778.

    5. Dwivedi, G.K., Dwivedi, M. and Pal, S.S. 1990. Relative efficacy of mode of application of Cu, Zn, B and Mo in Soybean-wheat sequence in an acid soil (inceptisol) of Garhwal Himalaya. J. Indian soc. Soil Sci. 38:458-463.

    6. Dwivedi, G.K., Dwivedi, M. and Pal, S.S. 1989. Relative efficiency of Mussoorie rockphosphate and super phosphate with lime on yield and P availability of maize-wheat and Soybean-wheat rotation in acid soil inecptisol. J. Indian Soc. Soil Sci. 37:61-65.

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